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What can I do for him physically?

Other than just being there, What can I do for him?

One of my friends had a heart attack in Feb. of 2007. His chest still hurts on occasion. When it does, he sometimes breaks down in tears. When it does, it breaks my heart (no fun intended). What can I do for him physically next time his chest hurts? PLZ HELP ME! i'm scared! we met through my dad.

i know it's not normal and he's been to the doctor for this and the doctor told him that it is fine.

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    Probably not much that anyone here can tell you about - you're reallly better off asking a doctor this one. It does sound worrying - what did the doctor say when he went? Could be psychological I guess - post-traumatic stress thing connected to the heart attack. I know this sort of thing does happen after people have had life-threatening medical episodes. But I don't want to resort to conjecture here - your friend needs to sort this out with competent medical practitioners.

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    I think you should ask to go to the doctors with him so that you can ask the doctor these questions. Its better to ask these questions up front, while your friend is with you too, so he can also hear what you can do as a friend.

    Chances are: if this is psychological (stress from the previous Heart attack - which is understandable), then both you would know what to do.

    Hope this helps.

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    He probably can have a mineral dysfunction (calcium, magnezium)

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