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i need to make a working model! help?

i want to make a model on renewable energy

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    Try this suggestion. Get a small "green house". i.e. a sealed box of glas or clear plastic. A portion of it should have fast growing plants in it. Harvest the plants in order to eat the fruit.

    Dry the rest of the plants, place the material in a sealed ehrlenmeier flask with water, and a very small amount of soil, and install a glass tube gas take off. Collect the methane , hydrogen and other gasses. These may be burned in the experimental vessel to heat the air for further plant growth. Theoretically, if your sealed off experimental green house is large enough and if there are enough plants, the biomass could be burned to heat water to steam in order to drive a turbine to make electricity to export into the local electrical power grid. (you might make some money at it).

    On second thought, just burn the off gasses to heat the green house.

    Good luck.

    Happy Holidays!

    Doc. Dan.

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