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Alesha Dixon?

My god what poor chap deserves a woman like that, she is a dominatrix(I'd give it a go though)

She is so self confident it's annoying!


Elric would;-)

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    She is a breath of fresh air, like her a lot

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    I don't think she is as confident as you think she is Elric! I think a lot of it is a front and that she still gets very nervous and that is why she puts in so much practice. She is a very beautiful woman and it is hard to accept that her husband of one year cheated on her - the man must be mad! Oooh so you like the dominatrix Elric do you? Naughty boy!!!!!

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    alesha dixon strictly come dancing alesha?

    i thought she was quite humble?

    edit -- i think she thinks that she is good, but thats fair enough,

    i think she had a unfair advantage of already being able to kind of dance

    i know its not the same but its still rhythm

    i would like gethin to win because he has developed so much over the series

    but alesha does dance like a angel

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    What is wrong with being self confident?

    She is a lovely person and fully deserves to win SCD - she can adapt to any dance put to her and I think her show dance will be amazing for next weeks final

    Source(s): Praying she gets through tonight - think it should be Gethin & Alesha in final.
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  • buns
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    She puts in hours and hours of training - if she was over confident she wouldn't be doing that, I think she is lovely and she brings a lot to each dance. I find her thoroughly entertaining. (Yes I think she has the x-factor lol)

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    HIGH FIVE! i don't like her either. From the start she gave me an impression of perfect, self confident and slightly childish.... Something with her legs bothers me loads! Can't tell you what! I'm for Matt and Gethin but mostly matt although i have a bad feeling... I think alesha might win! Hope not!! GO MATT!

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    Only you could make her seem that way lol she's lovely I don't fully understand if you mean in the dances where she is required to be this way or not but whatever I think she's brillant.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well after hearing Nanny's comment .. i'm sold...

    I love giving gifts

    dr bad

    would give it a go too

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    Elric who is she...i don't think i know her....saying that, i haven't been waching SCD because it clashed with other stuff that i watch...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i like alesha dixon

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