Does Al Gore Deserve an Apology along with the Nobel Prize?

The Republicans wouldn't admit there was any such thing as Global Warming. There were just cyclical climate shifts, they said. George Bush and his group wiped out references to it. There was some references to Alternative fuels, but nothing much done. Now, suddenly, at a Global Conference, he changes his mind. It may be too late, the tipping point may have passed, but now he's decided that the scientist may be right after all. One representative said to the U.S...."If you aren't going to lead, get out of the way!" Al Gore joined those willing to halt the effect of Greenhouse Gases on climate.

Now that extreme weather patterns are prevailing, polar bears and seals face extinction, and the glaciers are going..going..gone, do Republican owe Al Gore...the man they have treated with contempt and ridicule...a heartfelt apology? Can they admit they were wrong? Can they finally admit that Gore is right, the earth is warming and nations must work to halt catastrophic change?

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    why would they? they sure haven't apologized for allowing a coup d' etat in america to steal the 2000 election away from him and the citizens of this country.

    but something eats at me even more. reading the posts to this page, i can only shake my head in sadness and disdain. we have let our education system in this country fail. they surely don't even teach the three basics anymore in this country, reading, writing, and arithmetic.

    anyone with a modicum of common sense should be able to figure out that the earth is a closed system. that in such a system, when you throw off the natural balance, drastic change is immanent.

    "In 1900 only 4,192 passenger cars (and no trucks or buses) were built in the United States." today "About 450 million passenger cars travel the streets and roads of the world." ~ World Book Encyclopedia (2001). if you consider nothing else, that news alone should alarm you. 450 million cars with engines the temperature of your oven. churning out gases and particulate. in a closed system. never mind the industrialization of a population 2 to 3 times what it was a hundred years ago, generating heat. never mind the desertification of broad stretches of the planet due to unrestrined forestry and "development," cutting down trees that used to contribute to evaporative cooling. millions of acres, billions of trees.

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    NO .... the theory they are trying to push on everyone isn't total true. there are other reports that the warming started long before man had ways to interfer with global warming. to me its just like most other things. people with access to the media try to push what they want and a lot of people believe them even if its not true or if the facts are twisted to their favor. one needs to do some research on their own.. just like most politicians they can tell you whatever they want but in reality what will they actually do.I can't believe that Gore won an award for nothing !!!

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    As I look at what I have learned in Geology, it really puts "Global Warming" in persepctive. Millions of years ago, where I am standing now (West Virginia) was about where the Atlantic Coastline stood. There is evidence in fossils, rock layers, etc. Then, there came an Ice Age which allowed for many of the mountain formations where I live to be carved out by glaciers. The land remained frozen under 100's of feet of ice for thousands of years. ALL OF THIS OCCURED NATURALLY AND WITHOUT ANY HUMAN INTERACTION.

    Trying to fight "global warming" is like trying to fight continental drift. The earth has been warming at a constant rate for the last 10,000 year as were are still coming out of the last ice age. The scientists you hear whining on TV are paid to do just that. The information they are using is based on the fact that we have only recorded temperatures since the late 1800's. Scientists who have actually gone out and conducted the field research required to draw such conclustions have studied core samples from the polar ice caps tell a different story based on thousands of years of RELIABLE information. Most of them are in agreeance AGAINST the Dr. Heidi Cullen and Al Gore fanaticism.

    I agree that we should take better care of our environment which is essentially only on lease to us, but don't fall victim to the hype. It will pass as the facts come out.

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    If anything Al Gore owes US an apology. He got going on this whole global warming issue so he could make money selling "carbon credits". Anyone with a lick of credible science background will tell you that the climate is cyclical.

    There are serious flaws in the global warming theory, and many of the worlds top scientists are against it.

    There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to prove that CO2 emissions contribute to global warming, and yet billions are being spent to combat it.

    Any scientists that express concern about the global warming theory, and come forward with new evidence to contradict the theory, are immediately ridiculed and completely ignored.

    The IPCC does not like anyone that goes against them because "Saving the Earth" or "Going green" gets votes for politicians and makes money.

    This is just completely wrong isn't it? Surely even global warming campaigners must agree that scientific debate on the issue must be allowed?

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  • Ken B
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    1 decade ago

    Al Gore is in it for the money. These are the same scientists that was warning of the coming ice age back in the 70s. Wrong then, wrong now.

  • Fancy
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    1 decade ago

    Al Gore is a fraud and the media loves him so they can get some people into a panic over absolutely nothing. I am more worried about people shooting me while I am shopping, or hijacking my car at a stop light than this Global Warming Crap

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    You liberals really don't like to bring up the fact that the south pole has thickened and al gore doesn't fly around in a commercial airliner and yet he wants us to walk to work. George Bush is doing the world a very big favor. He deserves a thank you because Iraq is much better now thanks to him and our armed forces.

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    Al Gore doesn't deserve an apology, a Nobel prize, or an Oscar. He's just out there trying to create a larger market for his carbon credits. Now, if you will excuse me, it's -12 degrees outside and I need to turn my heat up more. When the heck is global warming going to get to the northern plains???

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    Cons dont apologize, so Mr. Gore will never get an apology. He did get his award though, so maybe now he can spread the peace throughout the world.

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    With the polar ice caps on Mars he deserves a swift kick in the head. Oh yes and to give all that money hes been making of global warming.

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