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Whats the maximum number of weeks it can take to get a positive on a pregnancy test?

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    The above answer isnt always true, there are some women who for some reason dont show a positive until several weeks after a missed period and only find out from a doctors blood test.

    This is a thread with real women who have had this problem. hope it helps. Good luck!

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    If someone is pregnant, it should show positive by the time or a few days after the missed period. If you've missed your period like a week or two ago and it's still showing negative, well then it's certainly negative as that's PLENTY of time for a pregnancy test to come back positive.

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    You can take a pregnancy test ten days after you have had sex and if you are pregnant you will get a positive. Some people get false negatives. My friend didn't get a positive reading until she was 4 months pregnant.

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    after you missed your period but it's different from woman to woman.. some women get positive after 1 day of her missed period some women have to wait a week or 10 days after a missed period to get a positive result

    and some can get it even before they missed their period!

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    some ppl never do dunno why they just get false negatives

    I think after a while your hcg level goes anyway

    just see the doc if you're concerned

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