hi! answer my question please?


i'd like to know more about SPF that usually written in sunscreen.

what does SPF mean..?

i have read some articles and got some abstract definition but i still not sure ..


if the SPF could be up to 45, why not everybody use SPF 45 instead of 15?? isnt it better? why people have to make SPF15 if it is not the best? why there's SPF15 when there's SPF45??

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    Sun Protection Factor. They make it very high, but if you read the label you will see the higher the SPF the higher the chemicals, and to some people that is not a good thing. There is a big debate over whether or not the higher one's are necessary. I find that the SPF goes up with the amount of Zinc Oxide. Have you seen movies of people at the beach with white cream on their noses? That is usually Zinc Oxide and it keeps you from burning. The number like SPF 15 or 20, is for how long it protects you like 15 minutes or 20 minutes before you need to reapply to keep from burning. You probably wouldn't choose a heavy SPF45 if you were taking a 15 minute walk.

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    This stands for Skin Protection Factor. The concept is quite simple: an SPF of 15 means that the UV light which is actually reaching your skin is 1/15 of what is actually coming at you. SPF 45 means that just 1/45 of the available UV is actually reaching you. So. the higher the number, the more protection. Some people want a tan and do not want to shield all UV. Personally I use an SPF 5 because my skin tans well and I rarely burn.

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    SPF is Sun Protection Factor, I believe. The higher the factor, the less the sun will be able to affect your skin. People will use lower factors if they still want to tan a little, or soak up the Vitamin D contained in the sun's rays. If you use too high a factor, you may not tan at all, and your skin will not absorb any of the vital Vitamin D.

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    What is not generally known (because the info is sorta new) is that sunblock blocks the wrong sun rays...the ones which produce virtamin D. The ones it doesn't block are the ones which cause cancer. Don't use sunblock, use common sense. Don't stay in the sun too long at a time.

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    Sun Protection Factor, it measures the effectiveness of sunscreen , it is supposed to protect the skin from the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and which reduces sunburn and other skin damage, with the goal of lowering the risk of skin cancer.

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