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Ways to Forget Her?

She is my best friend. we talk our personal thing too much. Family Problems and Many things. We love each other as Best Friend.

From last week, i was fallen in love with her. still now. and i ask her about this by my friend. but she told me as this will never happens. because of our parents and there are some reasons for that. i can understand those. and i want to forget her. Forget my love. and also, i have to stay in touch with her. because she needs me. more that everything. we are talking by phone more that two hrs. i still love her. how can i forget my love? help me. but i have to stay in touch with her everyday........ :(

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    Don't forget her Romeo...embrace the feelings of love you are feeling. Continue your contact and what will be will be.

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    You cannot forget someone that you stay in touch with daily. Remain her friend. You can love her as a friend. Sometimes, those relationships work out the best.

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    Move to Floida!

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