Why do most people who change sex go from male to female?

I don't mean to sound insensitive so if I have used a bad choice of words then please forgive me.

There was a tv talkshow with a call-in the other day about people living as the sex that didn't match the bits they were born with, some with their original organs, some having had sex-change surgery. Of about 250 transsexuals on the show, only a couple were female-to-male, and everyone who called in was male-to-female

I would really be interested to know if anyone knows why this is almost a "one way system"

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    Typically females who feel they were born in the wrong gender seem to often be content living a lesbian lifestyle. The female to male transsexuals that I have met all say that they identified as lesbians during there adolescence. They proceeded with hormone treatments because they wanted to be more masculine in appearance.

    Male to female TS people tend not to identify themselves as gay at a young age.

    They are usually more apt to be heterosexual or asexual. M to F will more often enter marriage and start a family. This is to establish normalcy. It doesn't work over the long haul. This is why M to F's often transition later in life, causing much more difficulty in theirs and others' lives. This may be why they are on the show, as their transitions are more dramatic. An F to M will often transition early in life, (at least with hormones) and just move on. Little drama here.

    The medical process for completely changing one from F to M is extremely difficult and to many it may not be worth it. This coupled with the ease at which they find peace with there identities, may keep the F to M numbers lower.

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    I've thought about this too and this is just my own theories why there is more MTF then FTM...and here it goes

    1. Everyone is a female at the beggining and only becomes a male when the Y chromosome enters the baby, thats the chromosome that determines if your going to be male or not, otherwise your female. So females only have the X chromosome, XX and males have XY which means they have a chromosomes which makes up half of a female. So therefore this is a biological reason that I have thought of to reason with that so dont take my word for it.

    And second! and this is more of an environmental thing...

    Woman have more freedom when it comes to gender expressions....you can see a woman wear jeans and a t-shirt and think nothing of it! but how often do you see a man wear a dress and think nothing of it?

    Men have less freedom to express their desires and curiosities because they are more judged in this area and are expected to just be this macho men and hide anything that shows of as being weak or feminine....

    Just a guess...I could be wrong.

    I admit to being gender confused at a few points in my life but never so strong that I've desired to change my whole body.

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    It's not. It's just that trans women are much, *much* more visible, and for various reasons the public is practically obsessed with them. They get more airtime on cheesy talkshows because they get more viewers.

    A lot of people don't even know trans men/trans masculine people exist. And because testosterone hormonal therapy is often much more effective than estrogen therapy, most trans masculine people are fairly quickly indistinguishable from any other man on the street, and can socially disappear if they want to.

    Trans women are a lot more likely to be unable to disappear into cisgender (ie, not-trans) straight society, and for many living as a woman means living as a visibly trans woman. This puts them a lot more in the public eye.

    Also, it's probably in no small part the same kind of mentality that makes gay men more "sensationalistic" in public consciousness than lesbians. Trans women/trans feminine people are seen as "emasculated" males - and that terrifies the living fcuk out of a lot of people. Castration anxiety gets people's attention. Trans men/trans masculine people are imagined to be like super-butch women, and that doesn't get the same reaction.

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    Quite a few reasons .... many already touched on.

    Primary transsexuality is caused by improper sexual differentiation in an embryo's developing brain .... and it is accepted that XY embryos are more prone to genetic defects (most inherited conditions come down the male line) .... so there are more M2F to begin with.

    Society is more accepting of female than male deviancy. Tomboys and butch lesbians are OK. Effeminate guys do not fit in easily even in gay society. So F2M transsexuals can often find accommodation and a "middle ground" that they can live with. This coupled with the imperfection of F2M surgery as things stand mean that many F2Ms do not progress through all or any of the stages of transition.

    Those F2Ms that do transition tend to do it without drama while still young, pass absolutely, and disappear from notice. They have no incentive to emerge on TV shows or newspaper articles. Young M2F trans girls likewise just want to disappear and have no incentive to out themselves.

    A final significant factor in the predominance of M2F transsexuals is that because of societal pressure many men use transvestism as a means to express their feminine side. This often leads to more and more intense feelings of feminine expression, until some TV -TS borderline people declare the "realisation" that they are really TS (or were all along) well into middle age. Also because society is more accepting of transsexuality than it was a few decades back many "closeted" TS people finally brave coming out in their middle years ...

    These people have more "dramatic" and "newsworthy" transitions and usually cannot hide the fact that they are TS (either because of appearance - hormones work less well the older you are and the more masculinization they have to reverse, or because they still hold the same job, have the same neighbours, same friends). So they have less to lose in courting the media.

    But just why anyone would wish to appear on Jerry Springer is way beyond me .... guess its the natural exhibitionists who sadly predominate how we're seen on TV :-(

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    I think there are 2 reasons.

    1 - The complexity of the surgery.

    2 - I think psychologically, males become females to be able to 'hook-up' as a woman a whole lot easier than a man, and enjoy the benefits of being a woman.

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    Well I don't know the answer for sure, but I would think part of it is because MTFs (male-to-female) are now females.... so they're more talkative and likely to call in a talkshow and share their stories. haha

    Also, I'd imagine it may be harder for a MTF. Because if you really believe you were meant to be a woman... it's got to be tough to wake up to see and deal with a penis every morning. Whereas a FTM (female-to-male) can wear... attachments and do other less drastic things daily to alter their appearance in ways that make them feel more manly.

    Again, I don't claim to know for sure.... but that's just what I think.

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    Male to female surgery is not as complex. Put simply, it's easier to take something off than it is to make a new one.

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    5 years ago

    No because we do not have the internal sexual organs which are necessary for that to happen. Be careful in using a term like "real women". That is offensive to transwomen. Also, you are implying that post-menopausal women and women with some intersexed conditions are not "real women" since they do not menstruate.

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    It's all about hormones!

  • 5 years ago

    Because they are mentally ill

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