If “glassed slaughterhouse” situated beside your home, will you open your bedroom windows?

A very disturbing question, I know. Pls tell the truth.

Sorry to ask this in V&V section. I never underestimate, there are unexpected “volunteers” will answer always.

Someone said to me this…”If you deserved to see your own poop, why don’t you see the whole process of meat, obviously you must know for what you’re paying for”. But not to that extend lol.

My question is only…. If “glasses slaughterhouse” situated beside your home, will you open your bedroom windows?

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    ...Your priorities are definitely out of place.

    ...It amazes me how a question like this can be asked about slaughtering the poor animals (who by the way never complain about it). It is also interesting to me that animal rights people have been caught putting animals to death that they freed, but discovered they didn't know what to do with them.

    ...The same folks see no problem with slaughtering unborn, human babies in abortion mills all across the United States, in fact many can find this ficticious right somewhere between the lines in our Constitution. They would deny the unborn babies the right to be born and give hearty approval to abortion and partial birth abortion, so they can live whatever lifestyle they choose, and they do not wish to be hindered by a baby - how incredibly selfish and cruel, to put to death a helpless child.

    ...One more question for you and all who support abortion on demand, is this:

    …If abortion mills were situated beside your home, will you open your bedroom windows? Would you parade around it, celebrating the destruction of human lives?

    ...How unloving and calloused can one person be toward another person?

    ...Save the baby humans!

  • schupp
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    heat nights and cool nights... I even have purely a sprint a ingredient the place i like to sense sparkling air regardless of the temps exterior. My mattress room window is open 24/7 abbieKate - be careful of the date palm with great spikes on it while you're making plans to sneak in :P

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    I have butchered my own meat before so yes I would. But since we are asking theoritical quetions here, in addition to the abortion question posted above, I would like to add my own:

    If every vegetable, fruit or grain that you buy has a picture of one of the 175million degraded, abused and exploited children world wide involved in the crop agriculture industry, would you still eat it? How about if it is tainted with the blood of every animal that has been killed, mangled or endangered so that crop farms can exist for exclusive human consumption?

  • Anonymous
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    No way I wouldn't be able to eat meat either I am not a vegetarian right now but if I had a cow or chicken or pig or anything like that I would definately become a vegetarian. If i lived by a slaughter house I would become a vegetarian. I feel bad for the animals. I don't even like it when people hunt. The animals are so cute so I don't see how people could do that to them.

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    That would be a nightmare house 4 sure. I could never live there.

    It sure would make alot of people think before they had that steak for dinner tho . ☺

    Im proud to be Veg !

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    i would move!!!! how could you live by a place like that!

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