Are fade haircuts popular for women?

Recently my wife got a fade haircut in a barbershop. It is very close on the sides and back,about 1/8", and a little longer on top, like maybe 3/4 ". Actually she looks quite stunning in hair this short, her blue eyes really shine. But around here you almost never see women with hair this short, albeit we do live in the sticks. I was wondering if this haircut is popular in other regions.

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    1 decade ago
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    i live in ohio and i work in a salon and i think i have only seen one or two.

  • 4 years ago

    hi, Im attempting to photograph the haircut. the image i'm getting is like Victoria Beckhams recent coiffure yet uncertain if thats what you're referering to. women human beings that could get their hair shrink brief and nevertheless look large are very fortunate. i glance unfavourable with brief hair, my face is obese Im so use to having it long even nevertheless I sometimes experience like doing a Britney and shaving all of it off. Gayle.

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