Pcos and Norethisterone....HELP!?

I'm a little confused!

I havent had a period for over a year now, my fertility Dr gave me Norethisterone to have (2 tablets a day) for 7 days which is supposed to kick start my period. Today is the 7th day and i have one tablet left to take.

Has anyone been given a similar dose of medication to restart period and ovulation?

I am anticipating my periods to start any time now....what if it doesn't happen?

If/When my period starts THEN i am to take Clomid/Clomiphene from day 2-6.I think this is to help the egg to grow completely.

I know thats more than one question but im feeling a little anxious! Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you :)


is anyone doing this on the NHS???Ive been told i will only get 2 cycles free and have to pay for the rest...my friend has had endless cycles and ivf treatments free!! You think its my borough thats the problem? :(

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    I took a medication to make me start my period and I have PCOS. The reason why they do that is so that your body expels all of the old lining and prepares itself for fertilization all over again. Clomid will help you to ovulate and depending on your response you will either go on a higher dosage the next round if it doesn't work or combine it with other medications like I did. I took 100 mg of Clomid, followed by 7 days of shots to make the stimulated follicles (which is what Clomid does) develop fully into mature eggs ready to be released, and then one trigger shot so that I could time my BD precisely into a 3 day period. That is what finally worked for me and I am now one day shy of 10 weeks pregnant. :)

    Baby dust to you! You are going to be just fine. Just make sure your doctor either does the interuterine ultrasounds to monitor your egg sizes or at the very least does the blood test on day 21 to make sure that your body ovulated. Once I did get pregnant, my doctor also put me on progesterone suppositories for a few weeks to make sure that body produced enough progesterone to maintain the viability of the pregnancy.

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    1) I've used a similar pill to induce a period. it has no effect on ovulation.

    2) your period should start within a week of the last pill. considering you haven't had a period in a year, i think you will have a period. if your period doesn't start then you may wait and take another cycle or your doc may give you estrogen and the progesterone.

    3) Clomid is taken to induce ovulation so yes it should help you egg mature and release.

    best of luck!

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    4 years ago

    I do, in accordance to ultrasounds and the reality that i'm having complication conceiving. My purely actual indications are undesirable epidermis and "some" facial hair, no longer a 5 o clock shadow or something. i'm 29 and that i began out to suspect PCOS approximately 2 years in the past yet develop into no longer formally advised something by potential of a physician till 3 months in the past. I definitely have accepted classes and ovulate each and each month, i'm no longer obese and, so some distance as i be attentive to, don't have insulin resistance, so I haven't any theory WHY I definitely have this concern. start administration labored wonders for me while i develop into on it, my epidermis cleared proper up and that i no longer had such heavy classes and undesirable cramps. with any luck, it quite is going to artwork for you. many females with PCOS who're obese be able to lose various weight by potential of utilising metformin, a diabetic drug, that could additionally help alleviate the indications of PCOS. sturdy success! it quite is sturdy which you caught it early- it quite is going to shop you various misery interior the long-term.

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