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Nextel roaming question?

i bought a motorolla phone from nextel. Is there roaming charges? I know nextel doesnt have any roaming but now that sprint and nextel are together will i have roaming charges?

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    The simple answer is there are no roaming charges with Nextel because Nextel phones can not roam whatsoever. The technology that nextel uses (iDEN) is not used by any other carriers that are not owned by them. So, there are no roaming charges because Nextel phones don't roam in the first place.

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    Well Terry you've never been so wrong, I switched from Nextel to Sprint and I was also told that by the Sprint rep. I wouldn't have roaming charges, biggest lie I ever heard. sure enough I get slapped with roaming all the time now. I have about 11 months to go wtih Sprint and they can stuff it after that. Sprint Sux.

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    There is no roaming on either network as long as you have become a customer in the last year or so or have changed to a newer plan.

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    Me and my kin individuals have never had an argument with Verizon on the spot. the only time one among their calls get dropped is that in the event that they're in a professional shape that had an elevator that is going thoroughly underground! Verizon is the perfect, and larger good, i'm telling you! flow with Verizon!!!!!

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