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Is there any way I can require a password for downloading everything in administrator mode? Or any other mode

My daughter frequently is on my pc. I don't really want to give her her own user profile, as I don't want to encourage her being on my pc. I also don't log off so she frequently ends up on it, under the administrator account while I'm not home. She downloads whatever she pleases and I would like to require a password for all download clearance if possible. Is there anyway I can do this?


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    I would give her a restricted user logon and fit a child filter.

    Never ever, ever allow a child to have the admin password as sooner or later she will download a virus or such like!

    Also install a child protection filter, that is a must.

    Please remember to log out every time you have finished a session.

    Then you really will be in trouble!!

    If she uses it when you are not at home is there a boot up password that you can set in the bios?


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