How can i calm my nerves? I am being induced tuesday, & this is our first baby,?

I am already having trouble sleeping, because i am so nervous & worried. I am afraid I wont be able to sleep at all the night before & i don't want to take anything to make me sleep, afraid it will interfere with labor. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Try not to get too scared about people saying induced labours are more painful, I've heard this said too and I was also induced but I do not have a normal labour to compare it to. Maybe it is more painful but it is nothing you can't cope with, you don't necessarily need to rush in and get an epidural, I delivered my son drug free. I was like you and very nervous too, I didn't get any sleep the night before, it's an exciting and nervous time, don't worry too much about the lack of sleep - it won't stop you from delivering the baby, I wouldn't advise taking anything to help you sleep. Just have a warm bath, a hot drink and put some lavender drops on your pillow, good luck!

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    I would ask your health care professional whether taking a tylenol pm or benadryl the night before would be a problem. A little extra help sleeping the night before wouldn't hurt anything IF they say it won't interfere with anything. I took both occasionally in my 2nd and 3rd trimesters and they were very helpful. And in case you're wondering, my baby (who is 4.5 months old now) is alert and smiley and bright-eyed--no developmental delays! <grin> I doubt it would interfere with labor. It might even relax you enough to start it! (By the way, I had no luck getting labor started...I walked miles, I had sex, I drank a dark beer, I meditated.....she was 10 days late and by all indications had no intention of leaving before she was darned good and ready.!).

    I agree with the above recommendation to get a massage from your partner. If you have the time and inclination, a prenatal massage by someone trained specifically in this area would be great, and again, it might just get things moving.

    And here's a pep talk: I was induced (despite my horror of it!) and didn't sleep much if at all the night before...or, frankly, the whole week prior. I made it through fine. I had 3.5 hours of early labor with no pain meds and the contractions were steady and sort of like period cramps--no biggee. I also didn't want to use drugs during labor, despite everyone telling me I "would have to"; once I hit active labor, though, I dilated very quickly (but didn't know it--just thought WOW--this is intense) so asked for an epidural and due to back surgery scarring, it didn't work. The epidural didn't hurt, either--it just didn't work. So I soldiered on and everything was fine--sweaty and loud, but fine-- and gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

    You'll do great! For a first baby, the anxiety is huge, isn't it? It's just such an unknown, everyone's experience is different, and it's no fun staring an unknown where the only sure thing seems to be discomfort if not pain (or surgery, in the case of a C-section). But just remember, the discomfort/pain doesn't last all that long and will be OVER, but the child is your child forever--and that's pretty darned cool!

    Congratulations in advance, and best of luck. You're about to join a pretty great club!

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    Hello and congratulations. WOW... won't be long now, it will all be over befor you know it darl...LOL

    I know exactly how u feel darl, I was induced with my beautiful 5 month old daughter maharlya. I was told I would be induced every day for 3 days, but they kept putting it off. Every night I was so excited but so nevous as well... I couldnt sleep either plus I had a lot of pain. The first night just before bed I had a really warm bath and put lavender oil in the water, which was so relaxing and I got my partner to give me a foot massage in bed to get me really sleepy. That helped sooo much for me. Also bananas and warm milk have something in them that help you sleep so maybe having a big glass of warm milk and a banana half hour b4 bed might help.

    The nurses gave me a sleeping tablet the last night so I would get a good rest because trust me you need it!

    I was very worried about taking the sleeping tablet but the nurses asured me it was fine. I had a drug free birth I really did not want anything crossing over to maharlya.

    Once they start the cintocin drip it doesnt take long till the contractions start, and honey I will be honest, they come on stong and fast alot stronger then normal contractions. Its a pain you can handle but it is exausting. Its all worth it, and it is true, as soon as bub is born everything else is just a daze : ) If the contractions are to much to handle which mine where, GET THE EPIDURAL!!! It takes away every bit of pain and lets you enjoy the birth more I think plus you get the bonus of being able to really enjoy the first hours with you new little angel with out any discomfort. I said all the way "NO epidural no matter what" I even had in double written in my birth plan but things are different to what you expect when it actually happens. The epidural does'nt hurt bub either wich I though was great, and you dont get all druged out and sick like you would with tha pethadine and other drugs. Well I wish you the best of luck, you will do great and just think..... You will be a mummy soon. Oh and eating ice chips is excellent if u feel ill also get your partner to wip eyou down with a warm washer all the time. Hope I helped xxx

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    pedicure with reflexology - might start things!

    go for a walk somewhere pretty

    re sleep:Call the Dr - there are sleep aids they can safely give you or you can take, but ask first, bc not all are safe. These can actually help labor by relaxing you more, which helps you dilate.

    Also, try a glass of wine if Dr approves - mine said OK.

    Induction is a bummer - I had one in August and ended up with a c-section.

    Make sure they give you cervadil or the like the night before - this dilates you and you migtht go into labor on your own.

    My advice about pitocin - if it feels like labor's going too fast, it IS. Tell them to slow down the drip - don't wait thinking it'll be OK, only you know if things are too fast.

    And remember - no matter how your labor goes or if you have a C, it's all about the baby, and that's great!

    Good luck and congrats!

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    I'm having a c-section on Tuesday... so I know exactly what you're feeling, even though this is my second.

    I know it's easier said than done, but just try to relax.... Meditation, yoga, drink some tea or chocolate milk perhaps.

    If you have a significant other, have him/her give you a massage. Perhaps sex would be somewhat relaxing in a way, or at least a good tension releaser.

    A sensual warm, candle lit bath sounds nice... as does sitting by a fire reading a book.

    On Monday, go get a manicure and pedicure. That'll help a little, I bet, plus you'll look nice for the big day as well.

    I haven't been able to sleep well all week, and fear it's going to make the surgery more difficult.

    If there's more advice out there, I'd like to know it too. LMAO...

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  • OK first you need your sleep now!!! You are about to undertake the most exciting adventure of your life and you do not want to go into it sleep deprived. I was induced with my son 5 years ago and the thing that I regret the most is that I did not sleep AT ALL the night before I had him. A mild sleeping pill (ask you Dr.first which kind) will not hurt your baby, and will only HELP you an wed. The day after I had my son i was so exhausted it was hard to enjoy him as it might had been if I was fully rested!

    I wanted a completely natural childbirth, and when they told me I would be induced I was devastated thinking I would have to have an epidural. I went 24 hours without, and then they broke my water and I was ready for that epidural. Please do not let yourself go too far without medication that it's too late. You will probably progress pretty fast once your water has been broken!

    Please sleep now, you have months of sleepless nights to look forward to!!

    Good luck!!!

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    I agree with troll....have the edpidural. I was induced with the pictocin drip and it makes the contractions come harder and faster than would otherwise... but hey with any luck you will go into labour the day before you need to be induced...thats what i did only my labour stopped and had to be induced anyway lol

    I dont think (not hundred percent) that sleeping things interfere you could alway check right?? u definatly need all the energy u can get for the labour


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    take the epidural .. not to scare you but the induced labor is WAY more painful than a regular birth and the pain from not taking the epidural can cause the baby to be pushed back up in you forcing a ceserian ......

    just get the epidural after they break the sac and everything will go quickly and fine ....

    Congratulations !!

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    relax, everything will be fine. i was induced with my son and i was glad. i felt more prepared and ready for his arrival. i was induced at 7 am and had him at 6:17 pm. remember the length of labor depends on each person. good luck

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    Yoga good luck

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