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agencies that pay for or help pay for animal (dog) surgical procedure to repair liver shent. I adopted Lady a?

I rescused Lady from Animal Shelter on Manor Rd. Baltimore, Md. I took her to the Vets the same day and got all blood test vacines etc needed. The blood test came back stating her enziems were elivated and this could mean liver problems. I proceeded to continue testing to find out what the problem was and it came back she has a liver shint. All dogs have these when born but hole usually closes as the grow. Since hers is still open only some blood goes thru the liver to be purified. She sleeps alot but does have periods of jumping around and playing she is a very sweet dog and if I cannot find some help for operation I am going to keep her as comfortable as I can until the inevidable happens.Lady is three (3) years old and desires a chance I was told the operation would run from 1000. to 3000 dollars. Ive spent almost a 1000. already and just do not have the money for this. If anyone knows of a Vet that would take payments or operate at a reduce cost please let me know.THANK YOU

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    What kind of dog is Lady? Find out what breed or mix she is and then try to contact a local rescue group. They might be able to help you find a doctor who will work with you. I have adopted sick animals too and have found that they are the most wonderful, loving of all. I wish I could help you more but I am sure that there is help around. Good luck to you and Lady!

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    With people with liver failure, they try a low protein diet (protein breakdown leads to higher blood ammonia levels) and they also give Lactulose (a laxative to speed the protein through the bowels and prevent it from being absorbed? or something like that). Not sure if you want a dog on laxatives...that would be messy, but maybe she could go on a low protein special diet from the vet or homemade? Ask the vet if that would help.

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    You would probably get more answers if you put your question in the "Pet" category rather than the human health category.

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