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How can I help him?

My friend hat I have been talking about in my questions lately is very depressed lately. He found out that he will be having back surgery in a few months and won't be able to be the actine person that he is for a while. he is pretty depressed about that. his back hurts more than it ever has in the past this week. tonight i am going to see him and I want to try to cheer him up a little. when i saw him last night i reminded him that i have had a rough week also and he wasn't alone to try to cheer him, up, but i don't think it worked. Any suggestions as to what i can say or do tonight at the party to try to cheer him up, because when i talked to him on the phone this morning, when I asked him how he was, he said that he was the same as last night, depressed and in pain. PLZ HELP!

it is breaking my heart to see him like this.

he has cancer. 6 years ago had an accident at work and that's why his back hurts.



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    He's already in a depressed mood, so coming in all cheers and smiles is just going to be like spitting in his face. Telling him you're in pain over something is also going to seem pretty minor to him. Just go there to be by his side and chit chat about the same old stuff. Don't go in there treating him like a hospital patient. Treat him like any old joe.

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    make him laugh, keep his mind off his problems.

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