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Mitchell Report punishments?

Bud said that punishments will be handed out on a case to case basis. What do you think those punishments will be?

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    they arent going to be able to punish anyone implicated prior to baseball's testing policies. if they do try to punish i suspect we will see some lawsuits against baseball. i think instead we will see those people punished in the court of public opinion and in hall of fame selections. baseball will and already is trying to distance itself from what its players did. of course anyone with some sense knows that baseball management is just as culpable as the players. in my mind they might be more at fault because their motivation is greed. if you think baseball or team officials didnt know about the problem you are a fool. i think selig should take mitchell's recommendation and not punish anyone. the main reason is because i think many many more players will be linked to performance enhancers over the next few months.

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    From my understanding Mitchell advised no punishment, but popped his lips, "...on a case by case basis." If the players are punished why not the owners and managers. Better yet punish all of pro baseball and the sport shutdown.

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    Good question, I would have told you what Bud Selig had already said, but I have no idea what the punishments will be, when they are handed out, it good be one, or a combtion of suspention, fined, or banned from baseball. But I believe that most likely it will be the first 2 that I named, but it could be a possiblty that they could be banned from baseball, but then they won't be eglible to get into Baseball's Hall of Fame, whether or not they are derseving of this honor. Let's just wait and see what will happen, but there is nothing wrong with making guess of how this will all be handed, but that won't mean that we will be right or wrong.

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    no longer in basic terms is Selig too late in his alignment with Mitchell over the priority, he's had the extra helpful element of 14 years to handle the priority somewhat of letting it go this far. strikes against using steroids in baseball return just about 20. Selig has held is place because of the fact that 1992 yet did no longer something till Federal government involvement became into on the horizon. My total concern with this is that Selig will probable be allowed to keep face by making use of stepping to the plate finally. If the followers and the MLBPA have any sense, they're going to call for his prompt resignation on the grounds or negligence and incompetence.

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    Absolutely nothing, that's what will happen.

    What should happen is anyone mentioned in the report, should be banned for life from ever playing baseball again, forfeit the balance of their contracts, every stat should be marked with an asterisk, no one should be admitted into the HOF, and fans should boycot every game for every team for at least 1 year (to punish the owners for looking the other way for so long). Unless the consequences are that harsh, steroids will never stop in baseball.

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    Punishments are not appropriate. The contents of this report are bogus as far as reliable evidence since the names were obtained from two dealers who were threatened with prosecution if they didn't talk. If Selig tries to punish any of those listed he is risking multiple law suits. And it is he who is just as much to blame as anyone for turning a blind eye to this problem for so many years. If proof is presented that players actually used, i.e., blood or urine tests, that is one thing. But, so far, all you have is heresay.

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    Kansas State Sucks as a name..thats a little harsh

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    i thought only traffickers are punishable

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