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作文,幫幫手.250 words.


writing blogs is an effective communication method nowadays.

do you agree.(250 words)


please help me!!!!!!!!



thank you!!!

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    I will play the devil's advocate and oppose to the previous post. Indeed the passage was composed coherently and your points are well taken. Lets see if I can strike a balance against your position.


    We live in the 21st century in which technology dictates the growth of everything, which includes the form of communication. Developments in every aspect of life have caused the human society to become ever more so sophisticated. How do you define effective communication? In my opinion it means the succesful sharing of information between two or more parties. And my position is that writing blogs has been a recently developed pattern of communication evolved out of writing books or journals or letters. Effectiveness does not lie on whether writing blogs communicate ideas, but the onus is on the writer, whether the blog was written in a manner in which others could understand it!

    Elements of Content---

    Effective communication can be carried out in many ways. Writing blogs is the new trend, the new fad that has evolved out of the regular norms of communication. Thanks to the technological advancements in the internet, the use of blogs can definitely be a very effective way to spread ideas and to receive feedback from it. The effectiveness of communication worthy of our suspicion lies purely on whether the writer is expressing his or her ideas clearly.

    The new generation that we live in today will only go in one direction, the future. As we can see, many people have already developed a habit of this mean of communication; this will only increase in the future as well. In order to communicate with everyone, we will need to appreciate this method as a form of communication just like talking on the phone or writing a letter. As the old saying has it, if you cannot beat it, join it.


    Perceptions that writing blogs is an informal mean of communication are filled with prejudice. It should be judged with a higher level of transparency with regards to its actual use. People have the habit of growing into certain norms and sticking on to it for ever while viewing other forms hideous. Writing blogs should deserve a fairer representation, the misconception of blogs as poor communicating channel lies purely on the writer's disability to express ideas or opinions properly. With all that being said, writing blogs is an effective communication method nowadays and in the future.

    Source(s): Student from University of Toronto who just loves to pick a fight XP
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    Nowadays,many teenagers are fond of writing blogs to share their dairy life with others. However,it's commonly misunderstood that writing blogs is an effective communication method today.In fact,I stand at the against side.Followings are argument.



    Firstly,writing blogs is only an unidirectional communication method.People just can share their happy or sad moments via writing blogs.However, they cannot get any feedback and consolation when they are sad.By the way,there are lots of other communication methods we can use,for example,gathering and phone-talking.I believe that only a two-way communication can let us stay together.

    Secondly,writing blogs is not that effective as we know.It's commonly believed that writing blogs is the most effective and convenient communication method for us as it only takes us several minutes.I don't oppose this statement but some two-way communication methods are also effective and don't cost you much time.I believe deeply that two-way communication methods don't necessary mean wasting time.Even we talk to our friends on the phone,it takes only a few minutes. However,our happyness can be surely infected our friends while our sadness can be appeased.



    All in all, I disagree that writing blogs is an effective communication method nowadays. It doesn't bring us the function of interactive with our friends.However, if we can strike a balance between the pros and cons of writing blogs, it seems it will be another good choice for expressing our feelings out of those two-way communication methods.

    I don't know how many words I have typed so you must count by yourself.

    If you have any question,feel free to contact me~THX^^

    In fact,from my writing experience,two points in a 250words essay are enough for you!!

    I don't always help people to write but today i have some free time~~

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    Introduction:Followings are (my) argument~please correct it~thanks^^

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    i read it twice and i also find one more mistake~happyness should be changed to happiness~sorry for making those careless mistakes~thanks^^

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    Content:The whole sentence should be changed to.........However,our happiness can surely infect our friends while our sadness can be appeased.

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    dairy should be changed to daily~misspelling

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    Source(s): 100% by my hands and brain~please don't copy!!^^
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