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? asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

英文翻譯...For complete indepence.

For complete indepence, patients must be able to transfer to both sides. When first teaching patients to transfer, moving toward the uninvolved side is easier and safer for many patients because they are moving toward the side in which the lower extremity can provide support. Teaching patients to transfer toward the involved side reinforces a patient's awareness and use of the involved side.

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    為完全indepence, 患者必須能轉移到雙方。當第一名教的患者轉移, 行動朝uninvolved 邊是容易和安全的為許多患者因為他們搬走朝更低的肢可能提供支持的邊。教患者轉移往包含的邊加強對包含的邊的患者的了悟和用途。(自己看不怎麼董)

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