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關於星孩的心得 20點.....急






The woodcutter goodhearted to look after the star child,but the star child is very selfish and never have gratitude to them .In cntemporary society,the children are almost a singleton . Their parents spoil the child . The child for the most part never bear hardships . For this reason make them form a habit . To meet up difficulties,they always complain everything . They consider they’re right,but not . We should feel for others . The star child be mercy final .In the life,there are many setbacks . We have to learn from the star child to reflection yourself .

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    The goodgearted woodcutter looks after the star child, but the start child is very selfish and does not appreciate for what them have done for him. Recently, in the society, many parents are too over spoil their children especially the singleton. Under such a learning and teaching enviroment they hardly can bear any hardships. Whenever they meet or face any difficulties they just complain and run away. Parents have to clean up all the mess they left over. The worst part of this is, those spoiled children, they do not even think that their action and attitude are wrong. No matter what as being a child, we still have to consider others feelings. Many readers have pitty toward to the situation that the star child is facing. As we know there are many setbacks in our real life, and after i finished reading the star child i took his example as a part of my learning experience and and also always remind myself to do better in my real life.

    Source(s): 我自己不過沒看過星還所以翻的簿是太好
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