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我要做一件報告。內容是法國人如何慶祝聖誕節(要英文ㄉ,不能是翻譯ㄉ) 要長......



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    How the French Celebrate Christmas With Cuisine

    The French are known for the world-renowned pastries and culinary skills. Holiday celebrations features several traditional dishes, along with main courses. The courses served at Le Reveillon will vary from region to region, but are often comprised of poultry, seafood, fruit, cakes, and wine.



    網站上所提到的堅果乾貨及 the Yule log (木頭型蛋糕), 我在蒙特婁(加拿大的法語區)的親戚家過聖誕節的時候都有吃到. 另外還有午夜望彌撒(如下段英文所述)



    1. Have a display of the Nativity scene or crèche as the focus of your Christmas celebration. People the crèche with little clay figures which are called santons or little saints.

    2. Make the traditional French Yule log-shaped cake called the bûche de Noël, which means Christmas Log. Serve generous portions of it along with the rest of the food, the grand feast called le réveillon.

    3. Have the feast as a supper after the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and serve numerous courses of soups, fruits, salads, meats, fish, chicken, cheese, breads, nuts, pastry, candy, and of course, plenty of french wine. The main course can vary from goose to turkey with chestnuts and oysters.

    4. Exchange gifts on Christmas day. Do not forget to give gifts to children for Christmas.




    (如果資料還不夠用的話請您再提問, thanks)

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    這個網站是關於法國人的聖誕節傳統習俗, 幾乎整篇您都可以參考, 所以沒有幫您節錄轉貼在此.

    Source(s): listed above and myself, http://french.about.com/cs/culture/a/christmas.htm
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