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Are esd wristbands worth it?

My friend and a computer shop owner told me their unnecessary. They told me to just touch the case.

Are they necessary though? BTW the only ones I can find locally are cheap $5 ones that have no English (chinese) on the back. However it looks real with fabric, crocodile clamp etc etc...

Is touching the case really work as efficiently as a wristband? I know cheap Anti-ESD wristbands yeild almost same results as regular ones, but die out quicker because of their fabric.

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    I have repaired countless computers without using a esd wristband. I have also toasted components with out using one. Take my advise and use one. The 5 dollar one will work just fine.

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    The most important thing is that you ground yourself somehow. If touching the case does it, then I guess it is ok. That is what my dad always tells me to do. Given the choice, though, I'd go for the wristband because I KNOW it is connected to the ground. Minimizing risk, you know?

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    I'm not an expert, but I've always just gone without. Just touch the case or ground yourself if you move a bunch.

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