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What type Of industry is TD bank?

ie. primary, secondary, tertiary, service

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    The Toronto-Dominion Bank wants to score financial TDs at home and abroad. Also known as TD Bank or TD Financial Group, Canada's second-largest bank by assets provides retail banking services under the TD Canada Trust banner, including deposits, loans, credit cards, and mortgages, through some 1,000 branches. The company also offers financial and advisory services to businesses. Other operations include TD Insurance, TD Asset Management (mutual funds), and TD Securities (investment banking, equities, and foreign exchange). US subsidiary TD Banknorth, the flagship of its US banking division, operates through some 600 branches in the Northeast. TD Bank is buying Commerce Bancorp in the US.

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    you've answered you own question! yes, the shares you shorted were borrowed from one or some of the house's client's! If there are no more shares to borrow, then you can't short any more stock. If some other firm has a larger position, then you could proceed with your trade! You can't sell, what isn't there!

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    Its a primary bank. You'd think if a company has bank in its name, its likely in the BANKING INDUSTRY!

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