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hosting an exchange student?

hi my family is just considering hosting an exchange student, one that is in highschool, the only thing is that i go to a catholic all girls highschool, would this be a problem? thanks

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    This could actually be a problem, but probably not in the way that you think. Here's why.

    The fees that a student pays to an exchange organization do not cover any school tuition. Public schools do not charge exchange students to attend, any more than they charge other students. However, I'm sure your school charges tuition.

    Because of that, one of two things would have to happen. One, your school agrees to waive tuition (not charge) or two, an exchange student agrees to pay tuition -- on top of their normal fees.

    Now, both of these scenarios do happen.

    You need to check with your school first and see how they handle exchange students. Perhaps there is already something set up for them. Try your counselor first. Generally speaking, a private school that accepts exchange students only use one or two programs, so you would need to go through that particular program in order to qualify.

    If you would be the first to host a student at your school, you need to find a program that will work with students willing to pay tuition if your school will require it. I know the Aspect Foundation will do that, possibly YFU and AFS might as well.

    I hope this was reasonably clear! Good luck and I hope you decide to do this. It's a wonderful experience ... and I should know, we're hosting our 13th kid!

    Source(s): 12 years hosting/repping exchange students.
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    I think that Beth makes a great point. Another thing you have to consider is the religion of the girl you'd be hosting. So many times groups just stick kids with any family and don't take the time to do the research. I know of multiple kids who have had to change homes because their family had different religious beliefs than their own and they thought it was unfair that they had to practice a religion which they did not believe (or practice a religion in a way that they did not see fit). Also, alot of these kids fib to make themsleves look better on paper. Just because it says she's Catholic, doesn't mean she's really going to want to attend church or any of that too.

    Be aware, and ask alot of questions. Good luck! I hope you have a great hosting experience.

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    No of course it won't matter. Many families sending a daughter abroad may like that you go to an all girls school, as single sex schools are much more common in other countries.

    Your foreign guest may not be Catholic, which I'm sure you and your family will respect.

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