what is an engine size in cc?


when you say an engine is 200 cc or 400 cc in size, what are they measuring?

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    cc refers to cubic centimetres - this is the metric measurement of volume in the cylinder of an engine.

    a 200cc engine in a motorbike would be an average size but you'd never find that in a car as the smallest cars sold in the EU and Japan are at least 600cc.

    1000cc = 1 litre therefore a 1.5L car is 1500cc, 3000cc = 3L etc. I hope I'm not being too pedantic in my explanation. Anyway you get the gist of what I'm saying...

    PS: If the engine is a four cylinder you divide the volume by four e.g. 2000cc engine is two litres but it's got four cylinders so divide 2000/4 and you get the cc of each cylinder. Same follows for six cylinder engines etc.

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    Engine Size Cc

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    sounds like you are talking about motorcycles. It is where the inside of the cylandar wall is measured in cubic centimeters. If its a 200 cc, means that there is 100 cubic centimeters per cylandar. If its a 750 cc there is 325 cubic centimeters. Basically you take the number and divide by 2 (for 2 cylindars) if its a 6 cylandar then divide by six.

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    200 cc = 12.20 Cu.In.

    400 cc = 24.41 Cu.In.

    CC is cubic centimeter, the metric way to measure volumes.

    2000 cc for example are equal to 2 liters (or 122.048 Cu. In.)

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    cc stands for cubic centimeters. 5.0 litre is 5000 cc or aprox 350 cubic inches.

    1 inch = 2.5 centimeters

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    206 cc

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    Assuming I had a vehicle showing 1240 cc. How many litters can it take over a distance of 187.22 km. How would I calculate that without having to drive the vehicle on a full tank to make estimates. Could somebody please help.

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    The size of the engine.

    1 Liter=1000cc

    2.5 Liter =2500cc

    5 Liter=5000cc

    3.4 Liter =3400cc

    If it is 3356cc, they round it to 3.4 Liters.

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    The total cubic centimeters (volume) of the combustion chamber(s). 1000 cc = 1 liter.

    Hope this helps

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