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I heard that Tim Allen and Jonathan Taylor Thomas were, like, enemies or something?

someone on youtube said that JTT wouldnt come to the home improvement reunion because of something tim allen said, and also on true hollywood story i heard something about tim allen calling him a jerk...

anyone know anything about it??



well that answers my question, now i know... but i hope they are ok now because they are both talented people who i have a great amount of respect for.

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    What had happened is that JTT surrounded himself by the wrong people. People who told him to concentrate on movies and to quit the show that made him famous. Tim told Jtt he was making a mistake for doing that. JTT didnt listen and now he is in the "Where are they now" column of any newspaper.

    Tim didnt disrespect JTT but rather his agent and the people who were influence his decision. And yes, everyone was disappointed when he no showed at the last episode

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    Yea it sucked JTT wasn't there for the Final show. But I think the two are cool now. I really enjoyed his character, Randy Taylor. I was glad to see him guest star on Veronica Mars and 8 Simple Rules, but he hasn't had a starring role since Home Improvement.

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    I really dont know but, I do know is that I miss JTT.

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