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What do you need to be considered a high-roller at a casino?

Do you need to have a big bankroll, or need to win a certain amount? If you could give $ values of examples, that would be great. Thanks.

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    I have never paid for any casino related services for the past 15 years but it does get costly. Your comps are determined based on a number of different factors. The type of casino you visit, 5 star Vegas hotels consider anyone that risks 10K a high roller, Reno 5K.

    10 years ago, my executive host in Reno stated $25 bet per hand in Pai Gow for 4 hours will get you a comp room. If you played Pai Gow before then you should know it's a pretty slow game. If you play a game like BJack I'm sure the time would have been cut down dramatically.

    To give you an example, I once won 45K in Vegas over a 3 day period from Venietian, everything was comped. On a number of occassions I lost between 5 and 10K during a trip. On those occassions depending on the type of casino some were full comps and some were not. MGM will comp everything if you risk 5K during a weekend trip. Venietian, Bellagio, Winn will not.

    To help your chances of getting a higher rating, whenever you raise your bets call a pit boss to verify your tracking. The bottom line is, when you give the dealer your players card(tracking card) and the money you would like to change, the casino considers that the amount you want to risk. Let's say you buy in with 10K and play for 4 hours but you only risk $10 a hand. After the 4 hours you leave winning or losing $200, you would not receive much comps for your time played; however, if you leave with 20K or go broke then you would be comped pretty much everything.

    Depending on the casino, the amount you risk you will be assigned an executive host. The first thing I suggest is setting up a marker with the casino, this is not a line of credit but having the casino cage hold your money in the cage. This will allow the casino to know exactly how much you want to risk and you won't be walking around with 5 or 10K in your pocket. :)

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    To get rated at Strip hotels in Las Vegas you must be playing AT LEAST $25 a hand. That's per bet too, so if you play craps and make a pass line bet plus $22 inside, you're not betting enough. And that's not even high roller status, that's just the baseline for getting free stuff.

    If you want to get your room comped, try this: Call the hotel directly to make your hotel reservation. Ask to put $10,000 on casino credit, and see if you can get anything comped from this. You do not need to gamble $10,000, just have that much on hand and have them assume you're willing to spend that much. Usually just this will get you a free room for your entire stay (assuming you have $10,000 in the bank, obviously).

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    Depends on the casino. If you buy in for 1,000 at a small casino, they might consider you a highroller. If you buy in for 10k, they will pretty much call you a high roller at most casinos.

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    Play high stakes tables.......

    minimum$25 per hand in Black Jack.

    and play aggressively and for a LONG time.

    getting comps is easy........ refer 1st answer.... and many times given to shut loud mouths up.

    TO gain notice from Casino, and get real comps.... rooms, and flights free to vegas from all over the world, etc.....

    you have to move (win OR lose) a LOT of money...... 5 or 6 figures.......... 50K to 999K.......

    Source(s): casino employee.......
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    It's all attitude. I can walk into a casino with $5 in my pocket and my buddies from Brooklyn will know to comp me everything.

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    I would think at least a couple thousand, and that won't last long if your not winning.

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    You need to play the lottery son, join us

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