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PC building and ESD?

I know some thing's about static through guides, and school, but walking to the sink to ground myself every couple of minutes sounds like a trouble. Here my questions. If I use a ESD wrist band, and connect to the case, will it do anything? Since, it's not connected to the ground, only a table.

You need conductors to reach the ground to make the excess electrons go away. Therefore, does that mean touching an ungrounded case doesn't do anything ? I often see people touch the PSU or case, but it's not grounded to anything.

If I'm right, what should I connect my wrist band to? Sink is too dangerous (water).

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    the ESD wrist band just makes your electric charge the same as your case, so the electrons can flow back and forth between you and the case, without discharging them. so even then if the computer isnt grounded, you are grounded to it, making it safe!

    they're great if you're working in a place with carpets, like me.

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    esd really destroys your chips gradually. i'm also strick in handling devices at work that are esd sensitive. normally, the basic rule would be to discharge your body's electrostatic charge to ground by touching a solidly grounded metal to ground. you dont necessarily need wrist straps in doing your pc repairs, just dont forget to discharge always.

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