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Eating Disorder Recovery...?

I've had an eating disorder For ages, Binging then throwing up ( bulimia) anorexia for a while and binging for a while. Thing Being when I got too fat,Noone commented becasue they didnt want to hurt my feeling, when I lsot weight i got compliments, But when I got underweight, Thats when I noticed my problem. I think Im still quite skiny, But Im on my way to recovery. However Noone actually knows About it! Becasue I've covered it up so well, I still feel really unsatisfied with my life even though I've so much to be prud of and i've achieved eeverything I've ever wanted. I dont think im depressed either, becasue Im usually really happy, I just have this feeling Im not good enough or something. I know that sounds hard to understnad, But if anyone can help me please do =[ x


I've also heard that wearing your heart on your sleeve type thing works lol , Just telling everyone you have ( had) a problem and facing upto it, Do you think things liek that are effective?

Update 2:

Oo Sorry I actually meant to Say that I was depresed about what other people thoguht of me, but I think I now care less of What other people think , so Im not anymore =D lol

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    Well, i've never had a eating disorder but my ex girlfriend did. She started when she was just 8 years old and has taken over her life. Lots of people have tried to help her but we have all failed. You need to do this on your own with help from professionals. Try chatting to people on a chat room ( try

    Also, try joining a gym, where you can be healthy and skiny together.

    Hope this helps.

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    I had an eating disorder the entire year( and a bit of '06), and just in September I started my journey to recovery! It's tough, not going to lie. You can deny it all you want, but whoever goes through an eating disorder does have some form of depression. If you weren't depressed with your body image, you wouldn't have started your extreme dieting. I went through anorexia the longest, binging and purging only lasted for about a month or two. I tell this to anyone: you need to find someone to talk to. You can't just drop the extreme dieting, and going out and eating some fast food. It doesn't work like that, or if you do, you lose control, and go purge it all up later. If you say you're usually really happy, you may put up a wall and let no one look in, clearly what you have been doing. Don't feel like you need to tell the world that for the longest time ever you had an eating disorder, but just tell the people that matter the most, so they know the warning signs. Once you're recovered, you'll want to preach it to the world! I wish you the best of luck in recovery- it won't be easy, infact it'll be probably the hardest thing you do, but you'll feel so much better about yourself when it's all over, it'll have been worth the hell.

    I'm prayin for ya :)

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    Contact your local Women's Resource Center and ask for counseling resources. You need someone who can be there with you and help you find the answers for your life. Anything worth having is hard work, and you will have to work hard, but it will be worth it in the end. There is nothing that I am going to be able to type here that is magically going to make things better. I wish that I could.

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    well you've done well in your recovery but why not see a doc for a second opinion. I know you think you've beat your demons by saying you have achieved everything you ever wanted but obviously you havent... because you also state you feel unsatisfied. stay proud of your achievements, keep happy, but your insecurity may still hold you back...get a second opinion from your doc.

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    I have a similar fear (not being good enough) and an eating disorder, too. Talking to a professional counselor has helped me.

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