Create Network Via dsl modem???

Ok here is the thing, i have a dsl modem (speedtouch 530)

i have 2 pcs connected to the modem. PC#2 via Ethernet and

PC#1 via USB. Both connect to internet fine.

I want pc#2 to see the folders of PC#1 so i can transfer files. Is there any way i can do this without buying a router, hub, crossover cable, etc....that why i post the question i want to create the network with what i have (dsl modem, pc1, pc2)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Your problrm is that you must make somehow the rooting between thr two ccomputers.

    Your computer is configured for something called a Default Gateway. That device itself has a default gateway... all these gateways deal with traffic that is not on the devices particular subnet.

    For example...

    your box is, and you have a couple computers inside your house.... 1.20, 1.25, 1.30 Your box is told that the default gw is your interface to the outside world... such as the wireless router to the cable modem... and that box has 2 ip numbers... and

    So, anything that your box does that doesn't access the 192.168 network gets sent to your default route The IP protocol definition is now complete... if not local stuff, send it to the default gateway. Once onto the public internet, it looks for the domain that you are trying to reach, and finds the path.

    To the two computers to see each other:

    1) you have to manual configure the network and give static ip s to the computers

    2) gataway of the two computers the ip adress the modem.

    3) You must configure the dsl modem firevall to accept bidirectional paks of data.

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    1 decade ago

    Get a router and turn on file sharing on both machines and you should be in business.

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