1997 ford pick-up F-250 4WD 7.3 diesel. I cannot find the cam sensor. Help please.?

I thought it was on the right front [pass side] of the engine block, but I cannot find it. I followed every wire. I think. Could someone be accurate as to where exactly it is. Thank you. I can feel a 5 star rating coming on.

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    How to change the Camshaft Position Sensor on a 7.3 Power Stroke Diesel

    Article By: John Heimel

    1. Make sure you have the correct part. This depends on the serial number of your engine which should be located on a sticker below the front of the plastic cover for the fuel bowl. Neither Ford or International calls it a "CPS", Ford calls it a CMP sensor and International calls it a CAMP sensor.

    Ford Part #'s: Before engine serial #375549 F6T012K073A

    Serial #375549 and above F7T012K073A

    International Part #'s: Before engine serial #375549 1821720C98

    Serial #375549 and above 1825899C93

    2. Remove the #9 fuse under the hood (not in the dash).

    3. You may want to remove the belt for easier access, but it's not necessary.

    4. Disconnect the CMP sensor electrical connector. The sensor is located towards the bottom left on the front of the engine. You'll see the single wire bundle going to the sensor.

    5. Remove the old CMP sensor using a 10mm socket. Be careful not to round off the bolt (there is only 1). It's on there real tight and is tough to get to.

    6. Take the new CMP sensor and coat the seal with either motor oil or Vaseline and intall it. Install the bolt and reconnect the wire connector.

    7. Reinstall the #9 fuse under the hood and you should be ready to go.

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