what isG-spot?

where can we find it in the woman's organ to be specific? how to handle it?

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    The G-spot is a very sensitive little bump on the inside front wall of the vagina, approx. 1/3 of the way inside. It can be stimulated with 1 or 2 well lubricated fingers placed inside the vagina then make a "come hither" motion with your fingers. In some women it is a bump, in others it is just an area. Good luck in your sexual adventures! ;-)

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    The g-spot can be anything from a small spot to quite a large ovoid shaped area; perhaps 1x2 inches. Generally it's texture changes and it engorges, often considerably, during arousal. It is located just inside and upwards on the anterior (front) wall of the vagina starting a bit farther inside than the urethra. Sometimes additional little bumps that are ultra sensitive will pop up and down in the course of arousal. The g-spot can be stroked lightly in a "come here" motion and sometimes a side to side, and explored to find the most sensitive areas, top, sides, particular bumps. A stroking is mostly skin sensation. Also a rythmic light pressure or sometimes a steady pressure works. Often a timing of about 0.9 secs per stroke or pressure will syncronize with the orgasmic contraction rate. Often coordinating with stroking of the clitoris at the same time can make for a very powerfull orgasm. An alternation between clitoris and g-spot can help build to a peak and edge there, going higher and higher without triggering the orgasm until very high arousal is reached. An unexpected result of g-spot massage can be a sudden bursting into tears as an old trauma is opened up and released. This is good and healing, don't run from it. Let the tears flow. Sometimes memories are recovered. Don't reject whatever happens; let it flow. This is done intentionally in a tantric healing massage. Release of these blockages will allow stronger and easier orgasms as well as removing emotional blocks.

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