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Please help me. For my Brit Lit. Class i need to find victorian era scientists that are British.?

I looked online but i had few success.I found

William Henry Perkin

Graham bell

Charles Algernonn Parsons

Sir Joseph John “J.J.” Thomson

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    Have a look around on the site below - plenty of examples of what you are looking for

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    Perhaps an obvious British Victorian scientist would be Charles Darwin or George Francis Fitzgerald. Are you looking in any specific area of science, such as Biotechnology or Chemistry? I found a good website by typing in 'british scientists victorian' into the search engine, and selecting 'Victorian Science: An Overview.' Hopefully this will help you!

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    The one with the greatest influence during the era was Herbert Spencer. See

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    Fleming invented a cure of smallpox or cowpox i think, insulin he invented or some thing.

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