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What more needs to be done to ease or eliminate racial tensions in todays society?

We have made great strides towards eliminating racial tensions in today's society, however, we are still not free from prejudice and discrimination. What more needs to be done to ease these tensions or, perhaps, totally eliminate them?

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    we need to teach our children better, that aside from an outward appearance that we are all the same

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    No matter what we do, we will never live in a society free from racial tension, and discrimination. Where I live people don’t care what color or ethnicity you are anymore but now new ways of discriminating against people… such as finical status, religion, weight, sex, it doesn’t matter, we can try to rid the world of discrimination but, every time we get rid of one thing, there’s always going to be something else. Personally i wish theres was a way to make people love an accpet one another but, its not going to happen being realistic

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    I think we need to do a better job educating the world that it is still out there. We also need bigger support for those groups that are doing so. I know a lot of the rappers and such have also made strides to eliminate things such as the "N" word, but not all have. There definitely needs to be a higher commitment from EVERYONE when it comes to things like this. The more we allow kids to be educated through song that it is alright, the less likely we are to eradicate it.

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    Education about injustice, promoting unity, eradicating bad language, self-esteem, equal-protection steps, etc. are nice, but superficial. However, when a person of any ethnicity is deeply offended, basic human nature tends to lead him/her to forget all these nice things. So the problem of bigotry, etc., remains.

    Since so-called "racial tensions"* matter is a moral issue, I think much of the answer lies within the Church (no, this is not about religion, but relationships). If man's heart is in the right relationship with his Creator, chances are his relationships with others made in God's image will be healthier. His loves flow through us, and we love others.

    When Christians remain dormant, this gives opportunity for haters to rise up and "placate" hurting people and entice the ignorant.

    *BTW, the tensions can be applied between any group of individuals, not just on race, because there's only one race- human.

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    It is so much easier to blame racial tension than to take responsibility for your own actions, or lack thereof. Anti-anything is usually brought about by those on the receiving end of the discrimination. Demanding respect does not work, for a homosexual, female, black, hispanic, white, or anyone else. It needs to be earned.

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    We need to stop acknowledging that there are differences.

    On the psat and sat and other standardised tests they ask for your race. Now, I know this is for "scholarships" but it has been proven that black children will do better if they are not asked about their race before taking a test.

    As long as there are differences there is room for discrimination. Just like as long as we acknowledge the differences between men and women, women will be marginalized, as long was we acknowledge the differences between whites and blacks etc, blacks will be marginalized.

    The truth hurts.

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    Brave New World here we come. Just except that people don't always appreciate the cultural differences of others. Do you really want to live in a cookie cutter society that forbids people from speaking freely? Do think that we should make it illegal to dislike others? To all who are easily offended...grow thicker skin.

    Source(s): You all sound the same..products of the public school system and teachers with a liberal agenda. Geez...are we brainwashing our young or what?
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    May sound odd, but trying not to legislate too hard to force majorities to subsidise or forcably accept minorities.

    Rubbing a persons nose in a course of action only breeds the resentment we try and avoid.

    Working with black people? Great.

    Losing a job to a forced quota? Breeds bitterness.

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    The answer is:

    what racial tension are you referring to?

    When OJ killed his white ex-wife, and her boyfriend, and got away with it, I knew right there we were not living in the Eisenhower era.

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    Eliminate such questions as those coming from "Jebus C" for starters.

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    i think people need to start taking responsibility for themselves and their communities. meaning, not acting all ghettofied and ignorant, not selling drugs or killing people or making gangs etc. and rap needs to be done away with too. then maybe people would take them more seriously instead of a joke.

    so you think i want to be called a B**** and a H** all the time by these people. no..

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