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Need for speed most wanted ps2?

Are there only cop chases or can you do races and drift and other stuff too? Is this the best game in the need for speed series?

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    NFS MW is the best game in the series. It combines what people loved in the earlier NFS games, cop chases with the new need for customization, and cars that we all know and see on the streets. In the game you have to win certain races and capture certain milestones (Things like evade the cops in less than a minute, or get a cost to state of $100k) and when you do, you get to challenge the next member in the Black List. There are 15 members, each with more skill and a faster ride than the previous. I really like this game (I have it for Xbox), I have NFS 3: Hot Pursuit, Hot Pursuit 2 and this one. I highly recommend it but there are some flaws. Once you beat the #1 guy, theres not much left t do in career mode. You have a thing that tells you how you stack up against the other members that you have beaten, in term of pursuit length, cops dispatched in a single pursuit, pursuit length, and to beat the game 100% you can get #1 in all those areas. There is also the Challenge series which is a lot like the earlier games where your given a place to race, a car, and do what it tells you, its not bad but some are ridiculously hard. It has split screen so its a game you'll wanna play for a long time with friends when they come over, and If your a car nut, then nothing beat having your own Lambo gleaming in orange, with glistening 20" rims, knowing that its yours. Like I said I highly recommend the game... Oh and the graphics are very good, for Xbox, its the best looking game I've ever seen!

    Oh right... You have these race types: Circuit races, point-to-point Sprint races, Lap Knockout races and Drag races and like a time trial thing called tollbooth, where you have a certain amount of time to get from one tollbooth to the next. There is no drift, you may not like that but I am glad there isn't drifting isn't racing if you ask me.

    Source(s): I own the game.
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    I have played all of the Need for Speed games, and in my opinion, Most Wanted is the best in the series.

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    5 years ago

    I downloaded Need for Speed Most Wanted for free here:

    The Graphics and soundtrack will allow you to drive and experience street racing like you are in a real chase

    Bye Bye

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    NFSMW is not a good game ive got it and its really repitive and the most basic car---fiat punto fully uprated is betterthan the best car porsche carrera fully done up

    the game was put otu quickly to make money----gran turismo 4 is great, but less street racer scene with drifts and stuff but a better racer.

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