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Crush Note?

Crush Note?

There is this girl(to remain namless) that just came to my school at the beginning of the year.Our school year begins in September.Ever since then i really liked her.But i remained friends.Then she started to fall for a guy that i have been friends with for a while but we arent best buds though.But their relationship is really rocky and there might be cheating and all that crap.So i didnt want to get in the middle of it.Then they officially broke up today.She isn't torn at all.Now i want her to know how i feel and i want to know if she feels the same.So i am making a Note to give to her Monday.I will give you guys what i have so far.

{Her Name},

I have known you since september.

But ever since i could remember

I liked you!

You are the Mac of my cheese

You are the Ying of my Yang

You are the Sun of my energy

I hope you feel the same

Is there anything you guys think i should add.Advice and Links are welcome.


Heres the new one.

[her name]

Everything you do means the stars in the sky.I look at you,see your beautiful shining eyes.Bottled up inside,a safe place for it to hide.Is what i feel about you.I just wanted to know if you feel the same.Since school's first day.

Is this better.I had to admit at first it was Ultra chezzy to the max.But i was up till four am and i wasn't thinking.Plus i asked my brother for alot of help and he has a D+ in the relationship grade,So what do you think?

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    look bro ur doing it all wrong u must be pretty young cuz we dont write crush notes ... older guys dont write notes girls do.

    1st - next time u see her be a man suck it up and just go up to her.

    2nd-introduce your self complement her on something like her style her shoes her eyes what ever it is you like about her make it honest and not too much like "your the most beautiful girl i ever seen" cuz she'll just think your lying...she's prolly insecure jus make her feel good and she'll be yours...

    3rd - ask her for her number so you could call and set up a date for the weekend.....make the plans ur self dont ask what she wants to do take control and have confidence movies are bad cuz u dont talk and its all dark ... something fun lunch and miniture golf or sumthing ... dont make it too hard or romantic be ur self and have fun laugh and make her laugh....if u give her the note you'll prolly never get her.... like some of the earlier females said they jus like to be talked to and listened to so if u can do that you'll get her no problem....and the whole ever since u came here in september sounds really creepy and stalkerish ... your not going for that ok.... hope i wasnt too hard on you follow this and you will be happy

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    some advice:

    poems are really cheezy

    they can make a girl queezy.

    dont tell her in a poem, girls dont relly like that, you might scare her a little. just come up to her and tell her something like 'i just wanted to let you know that ive been curshing on you since the beginning of the school year and i dont know if you feel the same but if you want to hang out more you can call me some time' then hand her a note with your number on it.

    maybe you are just some really playful friends and thats why you chose a pome. if thats true then it might be the best why to go but if your trying to be romantic, then dont.

    telling her what you feel is a chance worth taking. it always is and always will be so dont worry about it.

    it will all be worth it.

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    It's not going to go over well!

    If anything just tell her! The note is all wrong!

    Btw. It's way too early. Give her a week! She might get back with him!

    EDIT: If you give her this note (or any other love note) and it doesn't work out, you'll be the laughing stock of the entire school!

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    the mac and cheese to sun and energy part is kind of cheesy man. (now I'm not even sure if you're really asking)

    but it's short and sweet. You're probably better off talking to her rather than giving her a note tho.

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    No offense, but she might think that poem is kind of cheesy. lol. Why don't you just tell her how you feel first, and then wait & see what she has to say also. Maybe she feels the same & everyting will work out for you! Good Luck!

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    awww ur particularly candy yet i dont wanna sound unromantic or sumthing yet i kno this might scare some grls im 14 and ive had a pair of boys write me love notes and poems and that i didnt finally end up with any of them!! in specific situations sending love notes fairly so severe will scare the grl off and then if she does like u and u adult men pass out then if u adult men wreck up then it quite is going to come decrease back to chew u interior the butt by fact if shes mad at u then she mite say sumthing like "ur the only that sent me a love be conscious speaking approximately my eye-catching eyes interior the 1st place" so be careful if u have sufficient self assurance then purely tell her in individual in case you dont then possibly seek advice from sum of her pals and notice what they think of sturdy success :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Okay, I like the sentiments, but you need to do a few corrections before you give this to her ...

    I have known you since September,

    But ever since I could remember,

    I like you!

    You are the mac of my cheese.

    You are the yin of my yang.

    You are the sun who brightens my day.

    I hope you feel the same.

    And sign your name, of course. It's a cute idea ... hope you get a good response from it ...

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    Um... if i were a girl (which i am) i would be TOTALY freeked out, yet some what flattered, if i got that note and or/ email... Just, talk to her! She probably likes you the way u do, but she is just waiting to her you say it first! That happened to me, and i never felt the same again and now we are worst enimies because he didn't talk to me! All girls want is T-A-L-K-I-N-G!!

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    You are the Mac of my cheese

    You are the Ying of my Yang

    You are the Sun of my energy-this is horrible. if i were you i would complement her. but you sound like a stalker with that mac and cheese thing. i mean it is sweet but bad.

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    I think you should probably take out the mac of my cheese. Unless she really likes mac and cheese...

    because that sounds sorta cheesy. Add something cute lpike you are the star of my Christmas tree.

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