would you vote for someone on the x factor to win .......?

just because they come from the same place as you , ? i mean same difference are from pompey , so am i , but i wouldn't vote for them , are the scots behind leon and the welsh behind rhydian , because of talent or because they feel they are being loyal to their own !!!

as you know i want rhydian to win, do the british public vote in this way thanx ?


glenn i vote for talent so my votes for rhydian , and alan i so agree with you about same difference x

Update 2:

so am i welsh harri me ,x

Update 3:

sorry guys i'm english and i'm from pompey and trust me i will be so embarrassed if sd win omg cringe lol

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    It depends really,but to be honest i don't think it would influence my decision that much,but some places where people are from are a real tight knit community so if it was like that then you never know. I think Iam voting for Rhydian today..but not for any particular reason just because I would like him to win,and being up against the other 2 and losing,I think he would be robbed.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think people do feel a sense of loyalty to contestants who come from the same place, however, I'm Scottish and I won't be voting for Leon, because I just don't think he's got the voice, whereas Rhydian has. If Leon wins, then I'll be glad, because he's got the right image etc, etc, but for me, he just doesn't have the "X-Factor". I will be voting for Rhydian to win, win, win, because he's more talented than all the rest put together!!!!!!

  • 4 years ago

    Well the judges said that they need to improve on their singing but it is weird how Danyl and Miss Frank were on the bottom two when they were praised by the judges on saturday show. I think all the Irish people are voting for them because they're from Ireland and Ireland doesn't have that many famous entertainers but the "fun" should start later on the final weeks. I doubt that they will win X Factor 09, there's better singers in the competition.

  • Edgein
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    1 decade ago

    I have not watched X Factor at all mainly due to the fact that the show is geared towards the judges and the contestants are second best and if they have a spat in the series it is big news why ???

    For me there can only be one winner Rhydian is an amazing singer and has that something different that people will listen to.

    As for that duo if there is any reason for them stopping the show for good it is them they are pathetic do they think people live in cloud cuckoo land.

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  • I really wanted to be behind Leon because like me he's Scottish, unfortunately there's no way I can praise Leon and say I want him to win, when I think the only truly talented contestant is Rhydian!


  • momof3
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    1 decade ago

    No Bex that would not sway me the fact hubbie is Welsh and I love Rhydian has knothing to do with it what so ever.

    I vote on talent aka they CAN hold a tune, that they have a personality and final star potential for future and The Riddler ticks ever box for me.

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    thats true

    many people have said to me, leons doing it for scotland

    i am half welsh so i am pretty proud of rhydian

    but then again i really really disliked rhydian at the start i thought he was really arogant, but i think i mis-judged him*whoops

    i was supporting beverley because her daughter is a good friend of my sisters, lol! and shes from luton, and i live near there

    come on britain vote for talent


    Source(s): p.s. im actually voting tonight! :)
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    okay, I can assure you even though I'm Scottish I'm voting for Leon because I think he appeals to me the most. He's good looking, got a voice that I like to hear and hes round about my age and he is more likely than Rydinn to sing the music I like! I'm more likely to buy his album than Rydinn because I don't like opera. No offense taking or anything. I swear to god I'm voting Leon because I think he would appeal to me the most, not because hes Scottish. I couldn't care less if he was spannish or whatever! Oh and same difference can go to hell. If they where scottish I would so be embarzzed

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    well Ray Quinn is from Liverpool, and so am i, but i didn't vote for him because i didn't think he was good enough, he didn't give me that twang like Rhydian does, HOWEVER i was proud to see someone from our town on the Xfactor and in the top 2 finals, i voted for Leona because she was brilliant and she gave it her all....so no i would not vote for someone who was from my home town unless they blew me away, they would have to have something special before i did that, Ray didn't cut it for me...i am voting for RHYDIAN tonight, i am trying NOT to use my mobile fone today because i loaded it up this morning, i will use up every penny on Rhydian....got £30 in at the mo...so i hope my votes help him win, along with thousands of other people voting for him...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No I would vote for who I want to win couldn't care less where they come from!

    This will be the first year I will vote and I'm only voting because I can't bear the thought of SD winning!

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