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謝謝,請問誰可以幫忙翻譯小短文 英文


複製人因為牽涉到道德倫理,所以被許多國家禁止。複製人只是基因相同,而他是一個獨立的個體, 有自己的思想與感情,是ㄧ個不折不扣的人。




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    Cloning Technology has been mature nowadays. Following the first cloned animal-Dolly the sheep-, there had been several animal cloning news from time to time. Even human cloning! As for Taiwan, there are cloning mice, cows and pigs.

    Since human cloning is a ethical issue, it is forbidden in many countries. The cloned human has only gene in common. He is a independent individual, having his own thinking and emotion. He is absolutely a man.

    I had seen a movie in which there is a company declare they have the technology to duplicate human organs and sell organ insurance. But underneath the skin, they are cloning human. Because the organ will not grow healthily without the brain and conscious. And when the customers need the organs, they kill the cloned human and take out their apparatus. Of course, the cloned human did not know they are human sacrifice for their "host".

    Although human cloning can used to do organ transplant and surrogacy mother, or use the technology to clone those who has special gift such as Albert Einstein and Picasso. But serious problems arise from it. For example, who are the parents of the cloned human? The psychological problem emerged once he/she knows that he/she is a clone. Or the source of spirits and the facts which might shake the very base of religion. And cloning will also reduce the variability of human gene. In the end, the world doesn't even need the existence of men.

    So with the existence of cloned human, mankind have exceed the role of God. That will certainly cause world chaos. And life will no longer be valuable.


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    Nowadays duplicates the technology already was skillful, after again first duplicated animal Tao Liyang to appear, had each kind of animal one after another the news which duplicated. Even duplicates the person, but also has the duplication mouse, the cow, the pig in Taiwan. Duplicates the person because involves to the moral ethics, therefore by many national prohibitions. Duplicates the person only is the gene is same, but he is an independent individual, has own thought and the sentiment, is a in every sense of the term person. Has watched a movie, a company declared has duplicates the organ the technology, and trades the organ insurance. But actually is in secret the duplication humanity, because organ in does not have under the cerebrum consciousness is cannot the healthy growth, when and so on the customer needs the organ, massacres duplicates the person to take out the organ, certainly duplicates the person not to know oneself is the sacrificial victim which duplicates. Although duplicates the person to be allowed to use for the organ transplanting and to live is pregnant, perhaps the duplication has special can for example to duplicate several Einstein, to finish 卡索 and so on. But develops the question which gives birth is most serious, for example, who duplicates the person the parents is, duplicates the person to know oneself is the psychology which the replica appears, or the soul origin moves and so on to vacillate many religious the bases, also can reduce the gene the multiplicity, in the final world does not even need the masculine existence. Therefore duplicates a person's appearance, has already overstepped God's role, inevitably will cause the world greatly chaotically, and the life no longer will be valuable.


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    The technique made duplicate at present has been well-learned, again the first replication animal pottery Li sheep has various news that the animal is made duplicate continuously after appearing.Even is a human clone, and also have a replication rat, cattle, pig in Taiwan.

    The human clone concerns morals ethics, so is forbidden by many nations.The human clone is just gene homology, and he is an individual of independence, there are own thought and affection, is ㄧ completely person.

    Once watched a movie, a company claimed a technique of having the replication organ, and sold organ insurance.But is making duplicate mankind privately, because when the organ will not grow up healthily while having no brain consciousness, waiting for a customer demand organ, kill off a human clone to take out organ, certainly the human clone doesn't know oneself is made duplicate of sacrifice article.

    Although the human clone can use to organ to transplant and get Yun, or the replication have special talent for example make duplicate several Einsteins, finish card Suo etc..But play the problem for getting out is the most serious of, for example, the human clone's parents is who, the human clone know oneself is a reproduction to appear of mental, or the source of soul move etc. falter the root of many religions, and then reduce diverse sex of gene, even don't need the male's existence in the world finally.

    So human clone of have already exceeded God's role on appearing, certanly will cause world greatly and in disorder, and life will no longer valuable.

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