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ef-a tale of memories(悠久之翼)歌詞

我需要ef - a tale of memories(悠久之翼)的動畫op歌詞



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    euphoric field (English)

    作詞:西田恵美 酒井伸和



    Why am I standing alone in the twilight

    Let me go,no more lonely nights

    I take a deep breath under the bazy sky

    Feel like losing, but it's gonna be alright

    Break through the night, go and try to fight

    Don't be afraid,now is the time

    Be alive,take it

    I surely feel my heartbeat

    There's no limit to my reach

    I say good-bye to my tears that I don't need

    So believe in my dream

    Don't look back to the sorrow I left behind

    Here's my real intention I hide

    I wish you were here, and so just right by my side

    Need to be strong enough to swallow my pride

    I have been looking for my onw style

    Don't give it up,here comes the life

    Be alive,take it

    I have leained a great deal

    Brighten our sweet memories

    Hope there will be a future for you and me

    So believe in your dream

    Be alive, take it

    Promise to find, yes I will

    Shining wings filled with wishes

    Fly high, make it

    Get to the new world that I seek

    Someday, so I Believe

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    抱歉, 更正錯字:


    * I take a deep breath under the "hazy" sky *

    copy時沒注意到錯字, 剛把歌曲重聽一次才發現錯了, hazy sky是 朦朧的天空, 這樣意思才正確.

    2007-12-15 10:57:39 補充:

    純粹補一下自己的感想...現在流行一首歌 日文 英文 直接包辦嗎? 因為 魔法人力派遣公司 的OP 也是搞 英/日文兩版...

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    "I have been looking for my onw style" 的 "onw"


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