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NFL Fantasy Week 15 (playoff semifinals) here is my team, should I make any changes for starting or benching?

QB: tony romo at home vs. eagles

WRs: Randy Moss at home vs. jets, chad johnson at 49ers, donald driver at rams

RBs: LT at home vs. lions, Jamal Lewis at home vs.bills

TE: Donald lee at rams

W/R: Edgerrin James at saints

K: Stephen Gostkowski at home vs. jets

DEF: Giants at home vs. redskins


QB: Jon Kitna at chargers

WR: Wes Welker at home vs. Jets, Bobby Engram at panthers

RB: DeShaun Foster at home vs. seahawks

DEF: Cowboys at home vs. eagles

1) I was thinking about putting in Bobby Engram for Donald Driver

2) Should I keep Edgerrin James in the W/R position or put another receiver (engram as # 3 receiver, and driver in this position)?

3) Keep my defense?

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    you have your best line-up in there.

    Romo should have a BIG game in a shoot out.

    Moss is a must start every week snow storm or not. CJ has has a mediocre season so far but should bounce back & Driver over Welker (2 WRs from same team w/ snow in the forcast?) & Engram.

    keep Edge in at flex. i think RB over WR any day here. you KNOW he's going to get carries. weather, getting open & other WRs on the field. too many what ifs

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    First of all, if you do not start Welker, you are insane. Second of all, Engram is the go-to-guy on a team that has rediscovered tossing the rock as of late. Chad Johnson is working with a QB who hasn't thrown a TD since week 12, and Edgerrin James sucks (I have him, and I wish I could cut him.) Driver has taken such a backseat to Jennings, he's in the trunk, if not in the front seat of the car behind Favre's.

    I would start Welker and Engram at WR, definitely, and strongly consider moving Chad Johnson to the flex position because James is a bum, and Palmer is due to snap out of his funk.

    Kitna should be getting splinters in his backside, as you have him already. The defense, I think, is a crapshoot, but I think the Giants have more upside, although Philly's offense is essentially Brian Westbrook, and the Cowboys' defense, when it's on, is pretty awesome, although when it's not, they looks like a steaming turd.

    Your RBs look great, although Jamal might be dashing through the snow like a one-horse open sleigh. Regardless, he should be fine.

    Good luck.

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    Your W/R I'd get Edge out of there. He stinks this year and last as a matter of fact. I'd go either Engram or Welker, but I'd lean toward Engram cause of the weather predictions in New England. Actually I'd pull out Driver and replace with Engram and W/R I'd play Welker. Get rid of James.

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    The only change I would make is benching Driver and putting in Welker. The Patriots should put up at least 56 against the Jets, I would be surprised if Welker didn't get at least 1 if not 2 of those TDs. Driver has unfortionatly been under productive with Jennings being the deep threat in GB. Good luck.

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    1)Put in welker for driver favre is hurting and the jets are going to get killed through the air by brady

    2)Put bobby engram in the W/R spot because the hawks run game is gone and engram is hasselbacks main wepeon

    3)No I would keep it that way Redskins have a backup in

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    Your lineup is very good, but for the W/R the saints are pretty good agaisnt the run, so you might want to put wes walker ot Engram in the spot unless you think they will pass alot of James in the game then keep him in lineup. Gaint defense will do good against the Redsking.

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    I would make Edgerrin James your RB and bench Jamal Lewis and put Wes Welker in the W/R spot.

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    i would just change WR bench Driver and start Welker

    and i'd put Engram in at W/R instead of James.

    everything else looks cool to me.

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    The only change I would make is switching driver and welker. Welker will score alot of points this week with the jets keying on Moss.

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