Should our constitution be written ever 100 years or so? (USA)?

Our laws and constitution can get out of date and some laws that applies in the past may not apply in the present.

Should the US constitution and laws be written every 100 years or so? By this, I mean, write an entirely new constitution and laws.

A few years before the 100 years is reached, lawmakers can gather and write new laws and constitution. Then the new laws and constitution will be activated on the 100th year.

Note: 100 year is just an arbitrary number I chosen just as an example.

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    No. This what the French like to do.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That's an interesting question. Thomas Jefferson might have said your idea doesn't go far enough. His opinion was that every generation should foment its own revolution, which might imply the need for a new Constitution five times in one hundred years! Obviously, most of our founding fathers and the leaders followed him didn't think that this was quite necessary, and the constitution has remained largely intact. In fact, the Founders deliberately made it difficult to change the Constitution, probably because they felt that the general principles they were laying down were enough. In fact, there was a lot of initial reluctance to include a Bill of Rights in the Constitution, because people were afraid that anything not specifically written down in the Constitution as a right would be immediately construed as "not a right, since it's not in the Constitution." So you can see the tendency toward the application of general principles in the Constitution rather than specific enumerations of rights and policies. (The compromise, by the way, on that issue was: the Constitution was ratified WITHOUT a Bill of Rights, and the founders agreed that the very first amendments to the Constitution would enumerate the most important rights. The first ten amendments, therefore, are now known as the Bill of Rights).

    In my own opinion, I think the Constitution is a basically sound document that really doesn't need much in the way of change. As you correctly pointed out, laws and policies can become obsolete. But I think amending the Constitution only exacerbates that problem - you see how we amended the Constitution to outlaw alcohol, and then had to amend the Constitution AGAIN to repeal that amendment. Therefore I think that in general, the less that is done to the Constitution, the better. It is a document that gives Congress plenty of leeway to create laws and change them as necessary. The Constitution will serve us best as a set of general guiding principles. I hope this answer helps you in some way. Take care!

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  • TJTB
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    1 decade ago

    Our constitution is one of the most amazing political documents ever written in human history. The founding fathers had learned from the failed policies of other countries and had a fresh take on democracy which excluded all the trappings of corruption. I don't think we'll ever have a group of selfless, honest politicians who's public service was their entire life, again. Politicians have grown accustomed to serving masters other than the American people and the thought of contemporary politicians deciding our constitution and the fate of our collective destiny for a century sends shivers down my spine. It's hard enough to keep a great constitution intact. Getting a new one will be nothing short of a disaster.

  • Sunny
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    The Constitution doesn't need to be rewritten. It's perfect as it stands. The option of AMENDMENTS is to make changes or corrections that need be. It's a one of a kind document that guarantees that we will continue to live our lives without government oppression. The process of amending the Constitution was deliberately put in by our forefathers as an option to make changes as needed; approved or disapproved by each state and the people, to correct things that don't work and to make allowances for future changes that would impact the laws of our land. There would be no point to rewriting the Constitution of the United States.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The Constitution has procedures to update laws- amendments can be proposed and ratified or not, as in income tax, prohibition repeal, equal rights amendment. No need to scrap the whole thing and rewrite for some current political hacks, just propose amendment, get passed in congress and get the states to ratify it- a good idea will be added to constitution, bad ideas won't. May take awhile.

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    #1) It aint broke... and if the American Civil war didn't break it stuff right now won't break it.

    #2) I kind of like the fact the US constitution is the oldest written Constitution in the world. If we do your plan it won't be... thats why it offense

    ((FYI two countries use a Unwritten Constitution and only one of those is older then ours.... UK FTW)

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    No unless you want us to be like America Online. Instead of USA, we'd be USA 1967, or USA 2001, and the other two would be different countries. France has been around as long as we have and they're only on their 5th president.

    We don't need compact constitution disks piling up in our trash cans.

  • 3 years ago

    u.s. replaced into consistent with princapals/ideals on the Christian Roman Church. Now in the begining of Early u.s. God and the guidelines ruled by utilising guy replaced into doctorines based on the Church.. Now as extra those with diffrent Faiths got here to u.s., in addition they delivered there Doctorines and so-on... in the final 150 years or so! u.s. chosen Freedoms and decrease removed from strict disaplines and retrobutions if rules the place broken! Our Freedom took extra of a overriding flaw to church and its rules extra often than not procedures. some say it replaced into LIbrials and a few say Consevatives broke those rule's and now all of them call one yet another Extremist in the event that all of them can no longer trust a undertaking or a regulation! Imoral habit is now extra open and not plenty a lower back dooror hidden secret! u.s. likes too have faith in Transparency! the only ones who say they elect it are often those the main corrupt and sinnful in any case! Why? because of the fact they elect it too develop into the traditional!

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    if we re-wrote the constitution we might loose sight of its original purpose and meaning.some would argue we already was written by people who were being persecuted for their beliefs and ideals and wrote with that spirit in mind.they wrote these laws without self interest or corrupted not so sure that could be recreated in todays society.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Have you ever actually READ the Constitution?

    Because if you did then maybe you would find this to be a silly question.

    And if it is an AMENDMENT that you think is outdated, did you know that amendments can be changed?

    And don't even talk about the Articles, they are PERFECT and TIMELESS.

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    no the constitution was wrote by smart men that cared about this country the people we put in office now all they care about is how to make there pocket fatter i am speaking for most maybe not all but most

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