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why did the NY jets traded john riggins to the redskins?

i never knew who he was or good he was until i saw nfl top ten powerbacks

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    John Riggins was signed as a free agent by the late George Allen. The late 70`s Riggins was not used as much till Joe Gibbs took over as head coach from Jack Pardee. He wanted the ball alot more then the Jets were willing to give him simply because New York was passing with Joe Namath.

    A big mistake by the Jets management along with a slew of others after that.

    • theo6 years agoReport

      Sorry meant left the jets not te redskins

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    They didn't trade him john left the redskins fearing he'd never get out of namaths shadow if he stayed. He was picked up by the skins in 1979 I think as a free agent and played with joe Washington eventually he got the starting job and went on to win a Super Bowl with the redskins

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    He was the only answer the Redskins had to the 49ers in the 80s.

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    Too slow perhaps?

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    because the jets are dumb.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    He was a closet homo

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