is an Old earth creation theory blasphemy?

I recently viewed a book on the RTB model of creation which was reportable written by a Christian who is a scientist which present another testable model for creation. The problem is he asserts that the earth is billions of years old I think to appease the evolution crowd. Only the young earth model of creation presents a theory that is biblical. As a Christians we can not allow ourselves to be corrupted by outside pressure. God has reveled the truth in scripture. we need to guard it! To deny that God created the earth in 6 days is blasphemy. Asserting the earth is any older than God claims is to call him a lier. Is your God not powerful enough to create the heavens and earth in 6 days? What say you Christian?


If you need a time line showing the age of the earth as described by God in his scripture go here and download it yourself:

Update 2:

From contextual as well as grammatical-syntactical and semantic points of view the application of Psalm 90:4 to Genesis 1 does not work. Appropriate linguistic and phraseological criteria of comparison are lacking. Those who link the two texts are insensitive to contextual, linguistic and phraseological criteria. The impression is left that those who compare the "days" of Genesis 1 with the "yesterday" and the "watch in the night" or the 1,000 years in God's scale of time compare apples with oranges.

Update 3:

"And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day."

The Hebrew word Yom mean 24 hour day as used.

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    This question requires a little explanation. The Bible says that the six days of creation were ordinary evening-morning days. That is in the original language. God, being all powerful, could have spoken things into existence in a moment, but chose to do it in a series of days. I won't go into the biblical reasons for this, but I'll go on and talk about the implications of other positions. Those who try to make the six days into ages are doing so to try to accommodate the theory of evolution, which is said to take a very long time to work, because we cannot observe it in the short term. As one wag put it, frog to prince is a fairy tale. Frog to prince plus time is evolution. The problem with evolution is that it has a couple of basic assumptions that attack the basis for the gospel. First of all, evolution goes hand in hand with natural selection. Everyone accepts natural selection. However, when the earth was perfect, before sin, there was no death of people or animals. Evolution requires that organisms that aren't as well developed will die off. Death is an integral part of the situation. This implies that death is not a consequence of sin, and therefore we have no need for a saviour, because there is no such thing as sin. However, death is cruel. It causes pain and heartache. For us to posit that God designed a universe where death is a natural part of the development of organisms is to say that God is cruel. That IS blasphemy. And to deny an essential underpinning of the gospel, I would also hold, is a form of blasphemy, as is deciding that the Bible doesn't mean exactly what it says (unless it has clearly indicated that something it says is figurative or poetry) is to question God's truthfulness, and that is also blasphemy. Fortunately, scientists have shown us a number of reasons why the earth has to be young. The 6000 years which have been calculated are based on the genealogies in the Bible. The age of each person at the birth of the child listed in the genealogy allows us to add up all those ages and come up with an approximate figure for the number of years since the fall into sin. I say that rather than the age of the earth, since prior to the fall into sin, things didn't age. This doesn't mean that the earth is infinitely old or anything; there is no claim that Adam and Eve lived for millenia before they chose to sin. But the theory of evolution won't work in a universe that isn't aging anyway. Using the Bible to help in the derivation of a hypothesis is perfectly OK. Everyone uses his presuppositions when designing a hypothesis. It is then up to the scientist to demonstrate his hypothesis or disprove it. So far, the evidence that the earth is young is overwhelming. But it wasn't until scientists actually did some solid research that this was shown to be true.

    I would have to say in sum that the claim that the earth is very old is really contradictory to the Bible, and since the Bible is without error in its original autographs and is the word of God, divinely inspired, to contradict the Bible is to take on one of the prerogatives of God, and that IS blasphemy. But there are also other problems, so it's not JUST blasphemy.

    Source(s): I spend a lot of time on the icr site. I have also read every one of their impact articles since they first started publishing. This is from my extensive reading. Another source you might take a look at it is . They get into this type of question more.
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    The various views on the creation account can be put into two categories. Figurative and literal. I take the literal view which is standard practice in sound biblical scholarship. The scriptures should always be taken literally unless there is good reason from scripture to do otherwise. Scripture interprets scripture. You never use outside means to interpret scripture which is exactly where errors about Genesis come about.

    If I may correct you on one thing though. It is not blasphemy to take a figurative view of the creation. Blasphemy is to speak things against God's person. eg : Claiming that you are God is an insult to his person which is why they wanted to stone Jesus {They didn't believe he was who he said he was}. Heresy however is probably the term you were looking for.

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    Unfortunately those scribes of hope and wisdom of the past, would not have known any difference if an Alien came down from Heaven or an angel to deliver a message of social justice and morality within their small footprint which is left in the scriptures of one certain religion.

    Furthermore what is contained in Geneses has some small merit as to speak that life originated from God like particles contained in the atom structure of rock enabling the growth of life. This same substance is also found on Mars but not on our Moon. This neutron structure enables the production of moister which is the key element in life giving production.

    So when they say that the human race revolved from the earth it has fact by the chemical structure of the body with all the trace elements of life giving particles.

    Moister enables the air to absorb carbon monoxide into oxygen thus life begins in a small way of one cell organisms.

    It doesn't matter if they thought the world was made in 7 days but what they did adopt was a calendar structure of working 6 days and one day off for rest and to pay homage to their God.

    The seasons must have been 40 days as this is another factor recorded in the bible continuously.

    So there is some hints to say what they may have thought the world contained and how it came to be.

    In closing, why would scribes of one religion place names from their founding ancestores to those kindoms around the known world of the time, who may or may not have originating from one souce of Adam and Eve concept. Which in reality was the foundations of the old Sumer Religion in the first place.

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    Where in the Bible does it say how long ago the Earth was formed? I've seen verses that claim that the Earth was created in six days, but not a single speck of scriptural evidence to support the 6000 year date.

    How would it be blasphemy to believe that the Earth is twenty years, 6000 years, 2 million, 4.6 billion, 15 billion or even a trillion years old? What effect does that have on your salvation?

    Besides, presumably you have no difficulty accepting the equally blasphemous premise that the Earth goes around the Sun, or that it is spherical in shape, so why is an old Earth any different?

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    I don't think any of this is blasphemy. To God a Day is like an age (1000yrs) and 1000yrs like a day.

    So? I am more likely to believe it took God 6 ages (days) to create every thing.

    Only because I read Genesis1 myself & 1&2Peter. And I ask God in prayer what a day to God is. If you read Genesis1, you will find that the evening & the morning & the first day... The sun, moon & stars were created then the evening & the morning & the 4th day. So? The days were different back then. Then they were different after the fall. Then they were different after the flood. Then they were different after the tower of Babel.

    Nothing I believe is blasphemy. I may be wrong about something. But I don't know exactly long a day is to God back then when things were created.

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    God did create the earth in six days, but he did not define how long those days were. Many assume the days were the same as our 24 hour solar days, but it is just an assumption. There was no eye witness there when he did it. Adam and Eve were the last items of creation. Adam didn't even know. I know that thoughtful readers of Genesis conclude that the days of creation were special God days, and not our 24 hour days, for obvious reasons. This is something I never argue over. Christ is calling us to deny ourselves and to carry our cross and follow him.

  • Yes, what the Bible says is still true, in spite of the fact that it is perverted by false teachers. Really the kooky way they tell the age of things is by which position the fossils are found in the geologic column. They date the fossils in what layer they came from, and then they turn around and date the layers in which type of fossils they are found in. . . kind of sounds like circular reasoning lol.

    "I don't think any of this is blasphemy. To God a Day is like an age (1000yrs) and 1000yrs like a day. . . . I ask God in prayer what a day to God is."

    II Peter 3:8 and Psalm 90:4 Are often misinterpreted to justify taking the days of creation as equivalent to the geological ages. Firstly, neither of those verses are talking about the creation week) secondly, how you can get billions of billions of years out of those verses beats the heck out of me.

    The only proper way to interpret the Bible is to compare each verse to the entire scope of the Scriptures.  All verses must be taken into consideration.  If you're going to base your decisions upon God's Word, then please make sure you are basing your decisions upon sound doctrine, rather than whims, quirks, assumptions, or some fragment of Scripture we are taking way out of context.

    God speaks to us in tangible, understandable, and complete thoughts through His Word, i.e., sound doctrine. Many false doctrines and cults are based upon obvious misinterpretations of the Bible, and it's usually fragments and single verses deliberately taken out of context.

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    I say that the word yom means a period of time and that when we read a translation we should do research on the original meanings of the words. Especially if we wish to take a passage literally. I also think blasphemy pertains to denying Christ. I don't think if we figure out the timeline of creation or we don't figure it out that it will matter to our salvation.

    Recognizing that we do not entirely understand what was intended by the passage is not the same as saying that God did not do it. If you were to say God did not create that would be blasphemy. But this is not the case, God did create, He just does not spell out exactly how.

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    I say that this is an issue that should be held in reserve, and that salvation does not depend on whether we think that the Days of Creation were 24 hours long or more.

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    unsure since im not too familiar with it..

    Ive heard from a previous minister that the earth was REmade 6000 yrs ago...after the war with Satan..

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