what mean square lobby? what mean lobby ?

more robberies in the banks occur when the bank has a smaler lobby ,a compact square lobby (as opposed to a wide rectangular lobby)?

square lobby?

wide rectangular lobby?

the diffrence lies in the way two culture think of territoriality around their rooms

what mean (lies in the way)?

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    A lobby is the room you enter upon entering a hotel or a bank, lobbies are normally characterized by being rather large rooms with marble or similair flooring and by the fact that there are normally employees stationed behind desks (counters) and you must approach the counter (and sometimes wait in line) so that the employees will attend you. Hotel lobbies often contain some comfortable arm chairs and some coffee tables, this is not normally the case with bank lobbies.

    A square lobby would just be a square shaped room that fit the above definition.

    Hope that helps.

    The difference lies in....

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    Hope that helps

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    A lobby, in this sense, is the main room where you do your banking. A square one would have a square floor plan, all four sides equal, with 90 degree angle walls. I think the difference is that a square lobby may be more difficult to monitor security. I´ve never heard of such a thing, just guessing from what I can decipher of your question. If you used more complete sentences, it might be easier to figure out what you mean.

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    The lobby of a public building is the open area without walls in which the public is permitted. At a bank, the tellers' counter, manager's and loan officers' cubicles or offices, etc. are often the dividing line between the lobby and the non-lobby.

    Apparently the shape and size of the lobby dramatically affects security.

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