what rhymes with born?

for a poem

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    1 syllable:

    bjoern, bjorn, borne, bourn, bourne, corn, corne, doorn, dorn, horn, horne, korn, lorne, mourn, orn, orne, porn, schorn, scorn, shorn, sporn, sworn, thorn, thorne, torn, warn, warne, worn, zorn

    2 syllables:

    aborn, adorn, allcorn, amborn, bass horn, car horn, christ thorn, crow corn, dent corn, field corn, firstborn, flint corn, forlorn, forsworn, french horn, green corn, hedge thorn, lamborn, lowborn, post horn, radborne, reborn, seed corn, soft corn, steinborn, stillborn, sweet corn, unborn, vandorn, vanhorn, vanhorne, wellborn

    3 syllables:

    basset horn, candy corn, english horn, fire thorn, flour corn, guinea corn, little horn, motor horn, powder horn, spindle horn, squirrel corn, sugar corn, unadorn, yankee corn

    4 syllables:

    baritone horn, edible corn, egyptian corn, evergreen thorn, indian corn

    5 syllables:

    automobile horn, jerusalem thorn


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  • 1 decade ago

    The rhymezone list above is of SOME use, but has two or three significant weaknesses

    a) it includes a number of words that are proper names, even RARE ones, which is of little use when you need a rhyme for a poem

    b) it has a LOT of repetition -- why do you need to include a lot of combinations ending with the word "horn" -- just list that ONE word...and play with what might go before it.

    c) it gives you ONLY "perfect" rhymes. But often these do not give you enough options. Poems FREQUENTLY use "near rhymes" (in which MOST of the sounds match) very effectively.

    So, here's a short list of "perfect" rhymes:

    adorn, corn, forlorn, horn, morn, mourn, porn, shorn, sworn, torn, thorn, warn, worn

    And here are some near rhymes that you might find useful

    (Since the sound /m/ is VERY close to /n/, this first group is VERY close to perfect):

    dorm, form, inform, norm, perform, reform, storm, swarm, transform, warm

    adored, aboard, accord, afford, award, board, bored, chord, cord, cored, ford, fjord, floored, gored, gourd, horde, ignored, lord, pored, poured, reward, roared, scored, soared, snored, stored, sword, toward, warred

    absorb, orb

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    what rhymes with born?

    for a poem

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    I was born on Wednesday, & I'm a Pisces, so I've had double the woe! Not fun lol, but I think once you learn to control it, you learn a lot about yourself. I don't think I've ever heard this rhyme though, where'd you find it?

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  • GIRL
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    go to google, type in online rhyming dictionary, and you won't have to ask this question every again!

    but off the top of my head...torn, worn, thorn, scorn, forlorn, corn, horn

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    sworn. adorn. mourn. Thats all i can think of. Good luck with your poem!

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