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Who paid for the mitchell report? MLB or US taxpayers?

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    Major League Baseball contracted with former U.S. Senator George Mitchell (Democrat-Maine), who is also currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Boston Red Sox, to investigate allegations of prohibited steroid and HGH use by current and former major league baseball players. The investigation was undertaken to avert a Congressional investigation into this matter, which obviously would have expended taxpayer dollars had it occurred.

    Former Senator Mitchell released his $20 million report this week and it turns out that MLB did not get much bang for its buck unless, of course, like Commissioner Bud Selig you enjoy the airing of dirty laundry to no great effect.

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    The commissioner's office paid for it. Mitchell is a FORMER Senator; none of the cost of his investigation came from the public trough. (Though as a former Senator, he probably continues to collect a pension and benefits.)

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    obviously the tax payers did. you think selig and MLB would fork over 20 million to have something done that gives baseball and selig a bad rep?

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    The latter

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