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Suffrage at Last?

1)Suffragists acheved some early success persuading

A)states to allow women to vote

B)congress to pass a constituation amendment

C)president wilson to back them

D)the supreme court to rule in their favor

2)Many americans become more supportive of suffage as a result of

A)womens activities in world war 1

B)the seventeenth amendmant

C)the bradwell v. illinios decision

D)the repeal of prohibition

3)The battle for womens suffrage ended with the ratifacation of the

A)sixteenth amendment

B)seventeenth amendment

C)eighteenth amendment

D)nineteenth amendment

4)in 1872 susan b. anthony was arrested and later convicted for

A)going on a hunger strike

B)trying to abolish slavery

C)insisting on voting

D)burning copies of wilsons speeches

5)the antisuffrage women argued that if women could vote, they would

A)actually lose power

B)become too masculine

C)prevent prohibition

D)fail to exercise their voting rights

thank you for helping me...

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    and I know these are all right because I already did this for my homework and i got 100%

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    1) It's in your book

    2) It's in your book

    3) It's in your book

    4) It's in your book

    5) It's in your book

    If you can't find it "In your book" there is always Google.

    Please do not tell me you are so lazy and care so little about your grades that you will listen to the answers of complete stranger on Yahoo Answers.

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