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Anyone know anything about Horizon Card Services?

I got a card in the mail w/an acceptance code. I typed it in and was reading the stuff on the site, but I couldn't find a telephone #. It's a guarunteed acceptance card, but they ask you for a debit or credit card # in which they will charge you almost $80 in fees for the card w/a $500 supposedly unsecured limit. Then they charge $14.95/month. I want to get it, but I'm not sure if they will charge the $14.95 to the card or to my debit card. Do you have any info on them or know a phone # I can call to get more info. Anything would help. Thanks!

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    Horizon Card Services

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    For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/P8eLX

    This is not a visa or MasterCard credit card offer. This is a misleading offer to apply for, and pay an application fee and monthly service charge, for a Horizon Gold Card that allows you shop for merchandise that is only offered by Horizon. The visa, MasterCard and debit card logos are misleading on the horizon gold website - they imply that the card is a visa or MasterCard but in truth these logos represent the forms of payment that horizon accepts in order to apply for their card. Furthermore, if you open the terms and conditions link and read through it, you will see that the company states that the card being offered is not a visa or MasterCard credit card. This offer appears to take advantage of persons with compromised credit, like myself, who are seeking to re-establish their credit worthiness. A $500 unsecured line of credit seems very attractive to people with less than perfect credit. However, upon close examination, this offer seems to be predatory, misleading and should be avoided by anyone wishing to responsibly establish a positive credit history. Please respond if you have questions or comments. Thanks and always read the fine print!

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    I would shred this card offer and forget about it. These companies offer you credit card with high monthly and/or yearly fees. It is better to get a no-fee and low interest card from your own bank.

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    can you use this card has a credit card for cash

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