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Story Ideas!!?

Ok, so I have to do this project for school and I have to make a story up and I want it to be like the clique novel but I'm changing it around a bit. The main stteing is in the wealthy part of California and since I live no where near California I need some help:

I need a name of a car that most wealthy girls ride in

I need a name of a popular beach

I need a wealthy last name and wealthy girls and boys first names

I need a name of a wealthy school

Do most wealthy people (that can see the beach from their house -- if their house is like on a high hill or they live on the top floor of a hotel) (not celeberties) live in what type of building? (condos, apartments, big houses, townhouses, hotels)

and give me some good ideas!


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Stephenson or McDonalds(Kidding)-last name

    Daniel, Elizabeth- first names

    Stuyvesant High is a wealthy school in New York tho


  • 1 decade ago

    Hm... Well, I'm not a big brain on Cali, but isn't Laguna Beach a popular beach? I have no idea about California's beaches.

    Lambourghinis are expensive cars, right?

    As for the names, why don't you just be original? It's your fictional world, so you can make Tiffany Broadstein, Emma-Claire Tanner, or Samantha Reed wealthy in your story.

    Hm... Wealthy school... I have no idea for that one. xD

    Large, mansion-like houses with a clear view of a beach are always expensive and chic, right?

    Hope I helped a little bit. xD

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i don,t know

    no idea

    i like the girl name blair don,t know last name none on boys either

    don,t know


    hope this hepls a little and good luck on it

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