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Do any of you like to listen to the new age music? By this I mean instrumentals and bells, relaxing meditative

kinds of sounds... ?


Good Luck Ndnquah... our thoughts and prayers are with you... let us know if we can help!!!

Update 2:

All the old ones are gone now... I was under the table so to speak... public records will not help here! And, no I was not adopted...

Update 3:

shoot... I edited the wrong question!!! lol

time for a nap!

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    I absolutely adore this type of music, I buy a lot of Reiki music, it really does sooth the soul, my favorite of all time is called Reiki Chant, it's Tibetan men and women singing in the most beautiful and harmonious way, the first time I heard it caused floods of tears for me, but of joy, I don't know why, but it did, and maybe many people would not understand why,and think,"ok, and" but thats the way it is, we all see and hear things differently and don't get the same effect, I wish I knew how to send a link from my own music, to let those interested listen to it but I don't know how, I am useless on this

    Edit: just read all other posts, ndnquah, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your Daughters friend at this terrible time

  • I keep trying to like it. I have purchased CDs (too many to list), and, when I am anxious, I put them on and light a couple of scented candles to relax me. That lasts for about 2 minutes, and I can't take it anymore! I turn them off and get up and do something physical. But I understand meditation and relaxation are good for the soul, so I will continue my quest!

    Edit: Oh, and don't even count the oils, lotions, sea salt scrubs, etc., I've got enough to sink a battleship! Ebay, here I come!

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    i'm 33 years previous, and that i like heavy steel. I even have listened to steel when you consider that i grew to become into 12 years previous. Your musical tastes could or won't substitute as you strengthen older- yet do no longer enable that scare you. it somewhat is a organic progression, i think of. no longer that listening to steel is immature, yet you will somewhat mature and strengthen as a guy or woman by using fact the years bypass. you will be able to finally end up listening to music which you as quickly as hated, or a minimum of disliked. I nonetheless love steel- yet no longer all of it. i've got faith like an previous fart announcing this- however the numerous greater moderen stuff does get on my nerves. think approximately the same journey besides interior the destiny. i think of it somewhat is organic develop, and a metamorphosis that could be helpful for you. only pay attention to what you like, and don't enable society to compliment what you may desire to hearken to. you already know your self greater valuable than any of those human beings do!

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    Not only my prayers dear ndnquah but all of my thought of kindness to you and yours.

    And yes, what is called New Age music is very restful and helps me concentrate on something other than this world. It sends me to a better place. One where I am with my chosen few friends for an eternity or two! Have a wonderful day!!!!!!

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    Yes I love New age but I love all kinds of music. New age relaxes the mind. I have a cd that balances the chakras..its nice to hear once in awhile.

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    Yes, a lot. More so earlier than now.

    My favorites:

    Andres Vollenweider. "Down to the Moon."

    A Cd called "Deep Breakfast." very awesome.

    (Ray Lynch).

    Thanks for the unique question.

    As with the others, sweet Nynquah, my prayers to you. I love Oklahoma and so glad to learn of the survivor tree from your precious mail.

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    I used to have alot of them. I loved listening to them. My kids used to call it moms "space music". The last I got was some beautiful music that was from some South American tribe. They had a cool flute and rain sticks and all that.

    Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family N....

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    I love new age music. It's so relaxing and meditative. My

    yoga teacher uses it. It makes me feel so peaceful.

    good luck, ndnquah

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    I do enjoy it. A local radio station plays that type of music on Sunday evenings and I love to listen. I find it very relaxing.

    Ndnquah... you have my prayers.

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